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French Door Refrigerators
Electrolux 27.8 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator EW28BS71IS

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Lots of storage!


Lots of great storage in both the fresh food and freezer compartments. Love the fact that I can move shelving to suit my needs. Noise Level When the compressor kicks on or ice drops, the unit is kind of noisy. Day to day I don't really notice it at all. Interior Organization The shelves can be moved around to fit different items which is quite handy. Temperature Control The controls slow you to adjust the fresh food and freezer independently. It will also alert you if the power went out or the temperature rises too high. Ease of Cleaning Removable shelving makes cleaning very simple. Everything can be wiped clean in the sink. Durability I haven't had any issues with pieces breaking.



Overall Pretty Good Refridgerator


It is a beautiful looking appliance with an easy to use digital display on the outside of the door. The ice maker is my only complaint. It makes a horrible noise and often times leaks. We've had it serviced and have been told this model is the first year for with this paticular ice maker design so they've had alot of problems. We've just ended up turning off the ice function. Noise Level Overall the refridgerator is pretty quiet. However, the ice maker makes alot of noise. We just turn it off. Interior Organization The shelves are easy to set in different positions. The lighting in the fridge is great! Makes going into the fridge such a fresh experience. Temperature Control Controls are all digital so really easy to use.

Beverly Hills, CA


Electrolux 27.8 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator EW28BS71IS

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