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Electrolux 27 8 cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Dryer - Island White


This dryer features an 80 cu ft capacity for large loads of laundry with specialty cycles for a variety of clothing types and a drying time of 14 minutes for quick

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Good Dryer


We have been using Electrolux front loading dryer and have been enjoying it a lot. It has such a large capacity and it is amazing how much you can dry in this dryer. It has so many different options that I have found useful. At least one of the cycles does add steam and I think it is the touch up cycle. The steam is used to get the wrinkles out of clothes and I have found that the clothes do come out nicely. When I am drying dress shirts I usually put them in by themselves so that they don't get wrinkled by other heavy objects and that usually works well. I also like the lint collector because it seems easy to clean. I like the chime because it is not too loud as well. I like drying towels by themselves so that they don't harm other delicate fabrics. Some of the more delicate fabrics do better when I dry them separately from jeans or sheets that can cause wrinkling. Overall a good dryer for us.

Anchorage, AK


Worth the money!


I purchased this Electrolux Dryer to match the Electrolux Washing Machine. I have been extremely happy with the quality of this dryer and have not had any problems with it since purchasing it in 2009. It drys everything so well! It also has an internal element that stops the drying cycle once the clothes inside are dry. This to me is such a great feature! Even if I put it on a setting that says one hour, if the clothes dry quicker than the one hour it, shuts itself off. I would highly recommend this item!

Round Rock, TX


Electrolux 27 8 cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Dryer - Island White

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