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If In A Car Accident Need A Good Lawyer To Stand Up For


We didn't know that our car insurance doesn't act on our behalf after a car accident, and in fact they act in their own best interests. When we called them after a minor fender bender a few blocks from our house, they were very nice to us on the phone and we gave them all of the details of the car accident. Then they turned around and hired a lawyer for themselves and not for us. Then their lawyer, acting for our insurance co., used the information that we gave them to make it look like the accident was my husband's fault, and that he was lying when he said that his glasses fogged from his breath in the January freezing cold. They took advantage of us, and didn't act on our behalf even though we paid them for total car coverage every month. The accident was a minor fender bender, and the insurance company described it as a major accident because it costs over $5,000. We still don't know why it costs over $5,000, when our car and the other car had a small dent each. After an accident you realize you should just call your insurance and tell them that you were in an accident and that you need to contact a lawyer to protect your rights. Just like you see the police in movies tell the accused "you have the right to remain silent and that you have the right to an attorney". We learned from our mistake, and we hope that by sharing our story, it helps others from being taken advantage of.

Belmont, MA


Fast, courteous, caring, service


We have been clients of Electric Insurance Company for several years.  It was offered to us by my husbands employer at a significant monthly savings.  We were a little apprehensive at first because Electric Insurance Company is not an insurance company your hear a lot about or readily recognize. When our oldest daughter had to be added to our policy, we were delighted to find out they offered discounts for good students as well as students who had taken a driver's education course.  She qualified for both.  A few years later we added our youngest son and just recently our youngest daughter.  We are still very pleased with our rates and with the outstanding service they provide.  The periodically review our coverage and move drivers from vehicle to vehicle to improve our rates.  We also received an additional discount for insuring our home with Electric Insurance as well .  When a wind storm damaged our roof, they very effectively processed our claim.  I highly recommend Electric Insurance Company.

Middlebourne, WV


Electric Insurance Company provides excellent customer service!


I have my condo and cars insured with Electric Insurance Company. They are extremely responsive to customer service inquiries. I've never had to wait on hold to speak with an agent, and their claims people are very reasonable. They're also very competitively priced.

Salem, MA


Electric Insurance

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