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Special Needs Formula
Elecare Amino Acid-Based Medical Food & Infant Formula

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This was the best formula for my daughter!


My daughter was 8lbs at birth. By her 6 month appt she had only gained over 2 lbs. At her 6 month checkup she was admitted into the hospital. The Gi doctor changed her formula to the elecare. Best decision ever. She started gaining weight like crazy. She is now a happy healthy chunk. She is 10 months old. Still on elecare. It worked wonders!

Rayne La


Such A LifeSaver


On December 22, 2014, my 7wk old baby was admitted in the hospital for Methemoglobin, lacking oxygen. 6days after being in ICU the doctors notice she wasn't gaining weight and every time she ate she would poop, which left her constantly wanting to eat. We tried Similac Sensitive Alimentum Nutramigen Similac Advance finally they decided to put her on elecare for infants unflavored, after 2 weeks slight weight gain. They didn't send us home with elecare, after being admitted again a month later for being almost 2pounds under the weight she was born. After 13months old She switched from elecare for infants unflavored to elecare Jr unflavored. Now she is 20months old and is on Elecare for Jr Flavored (Vanilla), currently weighing 24pounds. Shout Out to Children's National Medical Center in DC for saving my baby Forever-Brooklyn

Washington DC


This formula saved my son's life!


My son started on Similac sensitive, but after 3 weeks, he began having constant diarrhea. We tried Alimentum, but after 3 days in that, be started having blood in his stool. The doctor switched him to PureAmino, which after another week, he was losing weight, and becoming dehydrated from the 20-30 stools per day. FINALLY, we saw a gastroenterologist and he recommended Elecare. After 2 weeks on the Elecare, the diarrhea stopped and my son gained 2.5 lbs in 3 weeks! He is thriving because the doctor put him on Elecare!

Marietta, GA


The most gentle formula for children with special needs


We had been feeding our child with elecare junior for about 2 years now and so far he is doing really well. Before he started on elecare Jr., he was not gaining weight and so we were really worried about his health. Because he has some GI problem and a very sensitive stomach, his GI doctor recommended us to give him this formula, stated that this is the most gentle and the easiest to digest formula for kids. My child has not had a problem keeping this formula down (unless he's sick), and he's been growing and gaining weight with no problems! The only one thing I'd like to point out is, it'll be nice if they can make a 'premixed'/liquid form of this formula. For children who are tube fed, it would be much easier to feed them liquid formula as they tend to have fewer 'lumps' compare to powdered formula, thus would decrease the chance of clogging of tubes. But all in all this is a great formula for children with sensitive bellies, and I'd definitely recommend this to parents with kids that needs gentle formulas. Of course, that would mean ask the child's pediatrician/GI doctor for their opinion BEFORE feeding the child.

Canton, MI


Works great for our needs


My daughter has a complex medical history with a history of necrotizing enterocolitis, a bowel infection. Because of these infections she had to to be switched to a special, easier to digest formula and also have it mixed to a higher calorie concentration. We first tried pregestimil which did not agree with her system when mixed to the higher calorie concentration. We then switched to the Elecare which almost immediately helped with the diarrhea and absorbtion. She started gaining weight and we have been on it ever since,and my daughter is almost one and we are still using it. We are happy with it and hope are insurance will continue to help with the cost because as other reviewers have said it is uite expensive. It also smells terrible. My daughter is fed with a feeding tube and we have had some incidents when the formula has leaked onto the carpet or bed. I would recommend cleaning it as soon as possible on those occasions, especially if it is on the carpet, the smell definitely likes to linger.

Tooele, UT


Way too expensive, try Alimentum Ready-to-feed instead


This formula is way too expensive for someone who isn't on government assistance and who's insurance doesn't cover it( which most don't because they consider it a "food supplement").  Also, be aware that it contains corn, so if your child is allergic to corn as well as milk and soy, don't go with this.  Try Alimentum Ready to Feed (not powder)- it doesn't contain any corn syrup.

Casa Grande, AZ


Elecare is amazing formula


Elecare is what my daughter(s) needed , both had very bad reflux and this helped them.   We had tried every formula, it is expensive but some insurances will pay for it!  If your son/daughter is allergic to all other formula's this is a little cheaper then neocate.  

Marlton, NJ




For my daughter this is her fifth formula we have tried!! It was great she has severe milk allergies from blood in stool to vomiting. This has helped so much for her, its the Best Thing on the market!!

Sycamore, GA


high calorie formula


This past year my 3 yr old was put in the hospital for 2 months.We could not figure out why she was consently throwing everything up.they ran all kinds of tests.They even tried pediasure and she was still throwing up.She has had a weight can problem since she was born and was put on alimentum and it helped a little bit.I told the doctors that she has had a problem since birth with breast milk,forumla and soy.When she even hit one she had a problem with whole milk it constipated her.Finally the doctor decided to go ahead and put a peg tube in, which is a feeding tube.They tried her on peptamin and she was allergic to that.They ended up putting her on elecare.Since been on that she has gained 4 1/2 lbs.Also, She was diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome which causes failure to thrive.Blood work has came back and turns out she has a milk protien allergy and soy allergy.It surprising when moving to another county they finally find out whats wrong with her.

Tampa, FL


Elecare is the only formula for babies w MILK PROTEIN ALLERGY!


We went through and tried EVERY formula out there and want to help the next parent who experiences this. My son had the same symtoms of a colic baby and his bowl movements had a flemmy texture. This is how the doc knew to put a sample under the microscope and sure enough there was blood in the bowl movement the eye couldnt see. This is a sure symtom of "cow milk allergy" not colic. We then used elecare which you can only get from a pharmacy and within 5 days he was a different baby. I was finally able to really get to know my son.

Riverhead, NY


Elecare Amino Acid-Based Medical Food & Infant Formula

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