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Elderhostel - Us & Canada Catalog Magazine

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great trips at good prices with congenial company


Elderhostel, in general, is a great way to travel for people 55 and over (and for their "companions" who are younger). I started going to Elderhostels as my mother's companion when I was quite a bit too young to attend on my own. Despite my youth at the time I found the people on the tours very interesting and fun. They had had interesting jobs and lives and frequently had lived all over the world. Because each Elderhostel tour has quite a focused subject, the participants tend to self-select to be people with common interests. Prices are usually VERY competitive with other tours and Elderhostel usually manages to get access to many sites that are often nearly impossible for an individual to find, or to gain admission if they can be found. Guides have always been extremely helpful and friendly and VERY expert and experienced. I've loved every Elderhostel tour I've gone on and I'm NOT usually someone who travels in an organized group. So if Elderhostel can convince me to go, they are great for anyone.

Redondo Beach, CA


Elderhostel - Us & Canada Catalog Magazine

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