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Elancyl Cellu/reverse

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Elancyl Cellu/ reverse has visible effects


I must admit I suffer from cellulite. I tried every product that I could find during the years. Maybe I was not persistent enough, but after one bottle I dropped the product away.  I received Elancyl from a friend, as a gift, and I tried it this summer. The product is made in France, in Galenic Laboratories. I must admit I was really impressed. My thighs became slimmer - about a centimeter each, maybe - but it was important because it really worked. Also, the skin became very smooth and lost it's orange peel aspect which is common for cellulite. I was very content with this product. The consistency is a cream- gel. It contains a new ingredient, Xanthoxyline, which stimulates the burning of fats, and contains also Caffeine and Phloridzine. The colour is light green, it is not fatty at all after the application and the smell is very nice. The bottle contains 100 ml or 3.38 oz and the only problem may appear when the creme is almost finished but you just cannot gather all of it from the bottle. Another disadvantage is the price, it is rather expensive, but I guess it worth every penny. In fact I bought by myself the second bottle and I used it.



Elancyl Cellu/reverse

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