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Ekco Miracle Roll Manual Can Opener  1045658

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The Perfect Can Opener For Camping, Hiking And Hunting


Even though the Ekco Miracle Roll isn't packed with features, it is something that is dependable, small and can be cleaned easily. The handle is movable and has a bottle opener built into it but the real beauty of this is that it lasts for years without the turnkey mechanism rusting. I have full size can openers in my kitchen and they are great for cans of all sizes but when I need to open cans of tuna or chicken the standard can openers are too large to use. I have to drag the can to the edge of the counter to be able to turn the knob to get the can open and that can result in a huge mess if the can slips. The Miracle Roll seems bare bones when you first see it but it works on all size cans and the bottle opener removes caps from glass bottles without denting the cap or scraping the glass. To get the longest life from this you need to wash it each time you use to it prevent food that comes in contact with the cutter from building up on it. I wash mine with dish soap and air dry it. On the handle there are two holes, you can use these to hang the opener if its something that you use often but when you are hunting or camping it is nice to be able to have it out in the open so you aren't digging through a backpack to find it when you want to open a can. It's made of stainless steel but there is always the chance that you are going to have a rust problem if it isn't cleaned correctly after using it or if it isn't allowed enough time to air dry. I would not recommend putting this in the dishwasher, even in a utensil basket, because there are too many things that could get stuck to it during the rinse cycle.



Can opener is a one-time purchase!!


I have had this manual can opener forever, it seems. I have tried other can openers, both manual and electric and I always go back to this one. Although this can opener makes perfect sense to me, my grandkids have a hard time with it. It is sort of a mini device, approximately 4" long. Position the can opener over the can being opened and secure the "blade" portion to puncture the can. Then turn the knob portion to open the can. The blade is not sharp, so you can't be cut with this can opener. It also has a bottle opener on the end. This is the best invention. It will not cut or pinch your fingers. I couldn't even venture to say how much I paid for this can opener but they have them on Amazon. com so they are still in production. This is a one in a lifetime purchase. It doesn't rust or wear out. It doesn't need to be greased and it can be thrown in the dishwasher or hand washed. I highly recommend this can opener above any other I have ever tried.

SmallTown, TX


Ekco Miracle Roll Manual Can Opener 1045658

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