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Eggland's Best
Eggland's Best Organic Brown Eggs

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A pretty good egg!


As a family we go through a lot of eggs. We like to take the organic route when choosing food, so I have been happy to see more options out there for choosing organic eggs. I was happy to see that Eggland came out with an organic product. I will say that I would choose another organic egg over this one, but this is still a good egg. Eggs are so good for you and can be used in so many things. This is something that most people always have on hand, so choosing a good one is important. Organic is very important thing to me and my family. We got tired years ago of foods being full of chemicals, dyes and the other junk put into them. We also got tired of the way they treat animals. Eggland is better about the way they treat animals and they may not be caged, but from what I have researched they still put a lot of chickens in small spaces with not a lot of room to move around at all. So, though not the best it is still a good egg to buy. It tastes good and has a lot of nutritional value. It is more pricey though. I will also not be buying this much for that reason. There are other organic eggs out there that are cheaper and just as good.



healthy nutricious eggs


Eggland's best organic brown eggs come from cage free chickens. The chivkens are raised on a farm and not locked up in cages. These organic eggs have more omega 3 than regular eggs. Eggland's best eggs are certified Organic by the USDA. These eggs cost moe than regular eggs but they taste really good . And the health benefits are worth it. These all natural eggs come from hens that have been fed a vegeterian diet. It is important to eat as healthy as possible. And Eggland's best makes this possible

Roanoke, VA


Eggland's Best Organic Brown Eggs

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