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Ice Cream
Edy's Take the Cake

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I love it!


I am a huge cake batter lover. I love it even more when it's incorporated into other foods! When I saw Edy's Take the Cake Ice Cream, I knew I had to try it! The yellow cake flavored ice cream is surprisingly good. It tastes very much like cake batter flavor to me! The frosting spun throughout it gives it a unique texture. I love the sprinkles in the ice cream, as it adds a crunch! It was a great purchase and I highly recommend it!




LOVE EDYS slow churned!


Growing up we always had EDYS ice cream in the house. Now that I am older and I have to be a little more careful with my calorie intake I am THRILLED that Edy's the brand I trust and love offers a lower calorie and fat ice cream that tastes just as good as the original. The Take the Cake flavor is so tasty! It tastes like a birthday party in a box! love it!


Chicago, IL


Dreyer's Take the Cake Ice Cream is the best


Dreyer's Take the Cake "American Idol" ice cream is by far one of the very best types of ice cream I have ever had in my entire life - and that is saying something! Coldstone has a similiar product of cake batter ice cream that Dreyer's Take the Cake ice cream is very similiar to. Now, there are definite differences between these brands and products, but if you are in the grocery store looking for a good ice cream, I would recommend this one, if you do not have an actual ice cream shop nearby. This Take the Cake ice cream is essentially just as good. As soon as you taste it, you are overwhelmed by the taste of frosting, the sprinkles, and that hint of cake, though you are really just tasting the ice cream flavor. It may sound like a strange combination in an ice cream, but I would highly recommend it as the flavor is unique, creamy, and wonderful! The price may be an obstacle to you, but remember, it is much cheaper than a typical ice cream store, such as Cold Stone, so I'd say it's worth the money.


Junction City, OR


not the best I ever had


Didn't really like it it was gooey and some of the sprinkles didn't taste that great. We ended up throwing some of it away the kids didn't really like it either. Blue Bell birthday cake is so much better it really tastes like ice cream and cake mixed together. I won't be buying this kid again.


Townsend, DE


Tastes Like a Party In my mouth!


My 9 year old daughter says "it is like I am at a real birthday party." Love the sprinkles, smooth textures, great sale prices, love that it never gets rock hard in the freezer! Always easy to scoop out! Great Quality!


Moline, IL


Great Birthday Ice Cream


I was suckered into this ice cream for my youngests birthday party this last year. Even after his official party was over we were still enjoying this ice cream and it was delicious! It was perfect for a birthday party between the sweeter flavor (due to the frosting ripple, I'd guess) and the colorful sprinkles, but I would say it's a good ice cream for kids overall. This is still my boys favorite kind of ice cream when we're buying it from the store. They will always point it out in that aisle. I love the slow-churned version of this since it's not quite as bad for you as the original. When it comes down to it, though, it's still ice cream and should still be eaten in moderation. In all honesty, I would chose buying a container of this ice cream for home over a trip to Baskin Robins. They will be super happy with their ice cream and I can know exactly what they're eating (which is much harder to find at Baskin Robbins or the like).


Virginia Beach, VA


It's good but it's not going to the top of my list.


I love birthday cake ice cream like dolphins love fish. Yellow cake flavored ice cream with ribbons of supersweet icing and candy sprinkles in it? Win! However, birthday cake ice cream is not easy on the waistline. All that icing on top of ice cream gives it quite the caloric wallop. Edy's Slow Churned Take the Cake ice cream seeks to let you have your birthday cake ice cream and eat it too. Technically, it's ice milk rather than ice cream, and the icing in the ice cream is not as rich as the thick layer of sucrose with which birthday cakes are traditionally iced. It tastes good, plenty good enough to serve alongside an actual birthday cake, and the reasonable calorie count - about 120 calories per 1/2 cup serving - won't ruin your diet. But if you've had other birthday cake flavored ice creams, you'll notice the icing ribbons are not the same. The icing ribbons in other such ice creams, Publix's It's Your Birthday Cake ice cream for example, are thicker do not melt when the ice cream melts. In other words, they are real icing. The icing in Take the Cake melts, albeit slower than actual icing would melt. The texture is nearer to a thick syrup rather than to icing. The sweetness is subtly different as well. Real icing is sweet enough to hurt your back teeth. This icing is sweet, but not that sweet. If you're primarily interested in a low cal ice cream that's close enough for rock and roll, this isn't going to bug you. Me, I'm here for the icing.  Bottom line, this is a great option when you're tempted to blow your diet on birthday cake flavored ice cream. It hits the jones well enough, and it comes in a carton sized big enough that you'll lose the temptation long before you've used up the carton. However, if you're passionate about your birthday cake flavored ice cream and you're not worried about the calories, this one might not quite satisfy.


Tampa, FL


Have your cake without feeling over-stuffed after!


When I saw Edy's **Take the Cake** ice cream on the shelf today, I had to dive right in and try it!  After the first bite, it already reminded me of Cold Stone's Birthday Cake flavored ice cream and I thought I would love this! **Edy's Take the Cake is "Yellow cake flavored light ice cream with frosting swirl and multicolored sprinkles"** and of course I added some [sprinkles][1] on top!!  Let's look at each part.  The Yellow cake flavor I absolutely love, it's very good and really does taste like cake!  The multicolored sprinkles, I love those too!  I love sprinkles and could eat a whole bowl of sprinkles topped with a spoon of ice cream instead of the other way around.  However, the frosting swirl is a little sweet.  Yes I said it!  It's a little too sweet for this sugar lover.  **This flavor is Slow Churned** meaning it's one of the Edy's flavors that is 1/2 the fat.  There is only 4 grams of fat and 120 calories per 1/2 cup serving, so even if you have more than 1 serving as most of us do, it's not as bad as having a big bowl of regular ice cream.  We always buy Slow Churned now because it tastes just as good as regular Edy's but is healthier. **Overall I will Take the Cake once in awhile, but not all the time.**  The frosting flavor just makes it hard to eat too much of this because it makes it a bit too sweet.  Maybe that's a good thing because it will force you to eat less!  Even if you only eat a bit, the frosting part is a bit overpowering and takes away from the yellow cake flavor.  If you like very sweet things and sweet frosting, then you'll love this!  Otherwise you should enjoy it in small portions.  Enjoy!! NOTE: The second time I ate this, after this review was written, I took less and added a banana.  The banana definitely helped the sweetness mellow out a bit and made it more enjoyable.  Give it a try! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Betty-Crocker-Parlor-Perfect-Confetti-Sprinkles-review-96db3


Metro Detroit, MI


Edy's Take the Cake

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