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Edy's Smoothies and Shakes

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Edy's Mixed Berry Smoothies


I found that the product was difficult to mix after adding the milk. And, I was almost done eating it went I found a heavy syrup at the bottom. I guess the syrup never was mixed in to the smoothie as it was so difficult to mix. I did let it thaw some before mixing and I assumed that the milk I added would have been enough to thaw it the rest of the way. The first part of the smoothie, before I hit the syrup, actually tasted good. But when I hit the syrup -- well it was just way to sweet. While I like smoothie I will not purchase this costly, high calorie, approx. 200 per serving, product again. Too many calories just to get 20% of my daily vitamin C and 15% of my daily vitamin D requirements. I also tried another flavor, and did not care of it either.

Palm Harbor, FL


Edy's Smoothies and Shakes

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