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Edwards Key Lime Pie

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I am a lime enthusiast. I have to admit. I am probably the only member of my household that craves lime. The fruit, the juice and the bars. If it's lime, I have tried it and love it or will try it. However, I had never tried Edward's Key Lime Pie. For some reason, I imagined it would taste bad. I was thinking - lime pudding - and, I didn't think I would like that very much at all. I had the chance to try it at one of my family member's house. Much to my surprise, it wasn't bad at all. As a matter of fact, I liked it a lot. It had a thicker, more hearty taste than I expected of it. It was not like cheesecake either. I honestly enjoyed the sweet yet tart taste of the lime and it combined very well with the whipped topping and graham cracker crumbling crust. It leaves a bit of a tangy aftertaste but, it honestly isn't a bad thing, it leaves a little tang behind. Overall, I enjoyed the pie although I won't be eating it on any regular basis. It is extremely high in calories - about four hundred and fifty to be exact and high in fat as well. I really like the pie but, I really don't appreciate the ratio of calories and nutrition as a trade off for momentary pleasure.



This pie is so good!


I am a huge fan of key lime pie, but it is so difficult to make! I've tried and tried to perfect it but can never get it just right. Edward's Key Lime Pie is magnificent! It has a perfect lime taste, and it's not too sweet or too tart! The graham cracker crust is perfect, also. The texture of the pie is spot on! I was worried that because it was frozen it would be soggy or just off. I was pleasantly surprised! It tasted great with whipped cream.



Edwards Key Lime Pie

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