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Edsal MaxiRack Extra Heavy Duty Boltless Storage Shelving

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decent product


We bought this storage shelf to help organize our garage.   It's a decent product but I'm not convinced it lives up to the Extra Heavy Duty claim..  It serves our purpose though.   It's so nice to finally get rid of all the bottles, jugs and gardening suppies of the garage floor. It took a while to convince my husband we needed this and even longer to get him to put it together - to  the point where we HAD to love it because it was way to late to return it.  Overall , I would recommend this if you don't have extremely heavy items to place on it.  It seems sturdy enough that a child could safely be near it without risk of it toppling over.  In this day and age, i don't have high expectations when searching for item quality..  Even though I'm fairly satified with this storage shelf., I'm convinced there is nothing like the quality and sturdiness of older items.. The next shelf is coming from a garage or estate sale..   something with the quality of days gone by.

Bellville, OH


GReat Product! Love it..


We just assembled and put in our storage unit the 5  shelf heavy duty resin shelves We love it! Sturdy, well made, very well made. I was leary of the shelves when looking at them in the package but was pleasantly surprised once assembled. Put them together in 5 mins. with help of husband. Would highly recommend

Alexandria, VA


Boltless shelving makes me want to stab my eyes out.


This "tab" design is one of the worst engineered things I've ever dealt with. I have worked in the furniture industry for many years and have assembled all kinds of shelving. This "insert tab into slot" design makes me want to scream and stab my eyes out. As you assemble one cross bar the other pops off, over and over and over and over again. I feel like I am part of a scientific experiment to see how much a person can handle before completely losing their mind. AND once it is all together it is flimsy like a drunken whore. Bad bad bad.

San Francisco, CA


Edsal MaxiRack Extra Heavy Duty Boltless Storage Shelving

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