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Edluar Sleep disorder medicine

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Edluar doesn't work for me


I've tried Lunesta and Ambien for years  in the past. And Lunesta wasn't working to my satisfaction so the doctor gave me samples of Edluar to try. Edluar is supposed to be the same as Ambien. The key to this product is you place it under your tongue and it dissolves under the tongue. You do not swallow the pill. The big downside to this medicine is the pill tastes absolutely awful!!! I dissolve the  pill under my tongue and have to have something flavorful to drink to get the horrid taste out of mouth.  The doctor said it should have me asleep within 15 minutes. This absolutely DID NOT happen in my case. Once it took me an hour to get to sleep and I had to take another dose.  I don't feel groggy so I guess that is good.  I was given a prescritpion of this product and will NOT be filling it. It just isn't appealing to get a yucky taste in my mouth. Melatonin can work sometimes if I don't have a prescription

Debary, FL


Edluar Sleep disorder medicine

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