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Edge Vault Shave Gel

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Edge Vault Shaving Gel just did not work for me.


I would not shave at all if my wife liked me with a beard but she does not like beards so I have to shave every day. Electric razors never get a close enough shave for me so I use disposable razors. So I tried Edge Vault Shaving Gel one day because it was on sale. I will not ever buy it again because it did not work for me. First of all I did not like the way it felt on my skin it gave my skin a weird feeling I did not like. I do not have sensitive skin but this stuff just bothered me. Also, I have never gotten so many cuts shaving in my life. My wife said it looked like I tried to kill myself. I can use no shaving cream or gel at all and get no cuts with a brand new razor but this stuff for some reason made it easy to cut myself. So I just threw it out because I was not going to go through that ever again. I do not know why these things happen to me and do not know if they will happen to you but be warned that if you try this what could happen when you use it. I will stick to using nothing at all, I may get some razor burn but no cuts and a clean shave.


Suffolk, VA


Great product for both


If you've seen my recent review of [BIC Comfort Twin Razors][1] you already know that I prefer not to pay twice for the same thing, just because it's marketed separately to men and women. Men's stuff does tend to be cheaper, and that's how I ended up with Edge Vault shaving gel--it was my husband's pick. The fragrance, which, aside from the manly black-and-green packaging, has got to be the only gender-specific characteristic of this product, is plenty subtle. By the time you mix it with your soap, deodorant, lotion and perfume, it's gone. As far as the shaving performance goes, it's excellent, thick and foamy. The gel does come out in a slippery blob, which can present a problem if it lands straight on your leg and slips away before you can slap it and lather up. Otherwise, it produces a nice thick lather and, at least to my mind, takes less than a thinner woman's product for the same amount of lather. And oh, yes, it works on the husbands face, too. :) [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/BIC-Comfort-Twin-Disposable-Razors-review-e36d8


Lincoln, NE


Edge Vault Shave Gel

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