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EdenPURE Whole Home Air Purifier

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The best ever


We love this air purifier I have owned one for over three years with no problems the other we bought a year later, the ozone feature on this purifier is my favorite you can smell it working you will walk into a room and smell the fresh out door scent it reminds of freshly hung laundry out on the line I highly recommend this to anybody wanting to purchase a purifier.

Dallas, TX


Like EdenPure's heater, this product is the wave of the future!


EdenPure already makes the best area heater that uses little electricity, and that is why I chose their air purifier. It is absolutely amazing! It was originally purchased when we aquired our second cat (and second poo box). It has also eliminated cigarette smoke, and cooking odors quickly and thoroughly. I specifically like the UV mode which I use when frying fish or baking jerky. The auto feature is very helpful so you don't have to remember when to turn it on.  If you leave it on auto feature it can be set for two, four or eight hours and it automatically goes on and off at its set time.  I always remember to turn it on, but I frequently forget to turn it off.  I only use the UV bulb when there are definite and intruding odors present, and this way you can extend the life of the bulb, which is a tad costly to replace.  The filter is non-replaceable, but I take mine apart and wash it under the faucet often.  You have to remember to no replace it until it is thoroughly dry, but all-in-all I don't know how many PLUG-IN ait fresheners I would have but for the EdenPure.  A definite wave of the future!

Saginaw, MI


The EdenPure air purifier is the best investment we have made.


I have had allergy problems for most of my adult life.  Living out in the country on a farm dust is just a given.  We looked at several air purifiers and finally decided on the Eden whole house model.  After we had had it running for a couple of weeks I suddenly realized my runny nose was not as much a problem and we were all sleeping better at night.  Hmm, I wonder if that had anything to do with it?  We've had it for a couple of months now and we're thoroughly convinced this air purifer is the reason our sniffles, runny nose and allergies have improved.  Absolutely recommend it to anyone.  Big plus - my house smells so much fresher!  It's noticeable when you walk in the door.  Not a scent or a fragrance, but fresh and clean.   Even though it is a "whole house" air purifier, we have moved it into the bedroom and used it at the foot of our bed to clean the mattress!  Just removed the covers and turned it on in the bedroom.  Refreshes the bed and helps eliminate natural body odors from bedding.  

Maysville, GA


eden pure air purifier is wonderful!


Had mine for nearly a year. We have a dusty home since we live on a gravel road with regular traffic, and 3 house dogs. It helps with knocking the dust down so I can easily wipe it away with a damp cloth. It keeps the house smelling clean and fresh and helps my husband with his allergies to everything. We have been remodeling and had lots of drywall work done.  I decided to turn it off until the sanding phase was finished because I know that kind of fine dust can ruin almost anything.  I have vaccumed using a drywall rated filter in the shop vac.  I cleaned the filters and turned it on again and will be looking for more particles to wipe up tomorrow.  I hear it takes alot of time to get rid of that kind of dust. It will be a great help especially when we have to paint the walls in the winter with the windows closed. But do take my advice and don't remodel in the winter, wait till you can open up the windows.

Stockton, MO


EdenPURE G-7 Whole House Air Purifier works remarkably well.


The EdenPURE G-7 Whole House Air Purifier is a work horse when it comes to cleaning the air. The unit is light weight and easy to move. It is very quiet and requires almost no maintenance. The air purifier requires no filter replacement. There is a 5 speed fan insider and the purifier uses an advanced electronic purification mechanism. That being said, I live in a very windy area and in a house that constantly has outside dust filtered in. I also have 2 dogs and 4 cats. The air purifier manages to clean most of the dust and animal hair. The house smells fresh and clean, even in the area of the litter boxes. My allergies are so much better that I do not have to use my nasal antihistamine anymore. I also suffer with asthma. EdenPure has helped me breathe better and with less asthma medication. The EdenPURE truly does what it claims to do.  

Jemez Springs, NM


don't buy it


I have complained for a year about not being able to clean the fan. My husband smokes it was covered with tar and nicotine told to use qtip thru little slot opening what a joke. Now the circuit board burned up smoke coming out of front when i walked in the door. Warranty was up in august blew out in oct told to send to Mi to be fixed no way im not going to do that the thing is trash. So if you buy it for smokers don't bother even tho they advertise it for smoke don't waste your money. I'm in Houston tx

Houston, TX


The EdenPure G-7 is refreshing!


I purchased the EdenPURE G-7 after several months of Upper respiratory infections and severe allergy symptoms. To start this story, my husband and I have always been light sleepers and need noise to sleep, and have used some type of fan for the past 36 years.  I have airbourne, inhalant allergies and decided to switch to an air purifier in our bedroom.  We have had an air purifier for several years now, but my allergies have continued to get worse over the years. This fall was the worst yet for allergies and the upper respiratory infections really took their toll.    We also put in a new furnace and have a 5 inch thick furnace filter in our heat pump. I thought this would help clean the air in the whole house better.  I'm not sure it has helped a great deal.   I'm always looking for a bargain, and the purchase of the EdenPURE G-7 was an expensive choice, but I had some flexible spending left, and with a note from my doctor, recommending an air purifier, instead of buying more regular, lower cost air purifiers, I gambled on the EdenPURE G-7.  My cousin had purchased one and said she loved it, and she has had several sinus surgeries and also has bad allergy problems.  The EdenPURE G-7 has five Purifier levels, a Sanitizer option, and an Anion option.  It also has several fan speeds, depending on your preference.  I like the fan low while watching TV, talking on the phone, listening to the radio or visiting with my family or friends, but at night, I love a louder fan to sleep better!  The EdenPure G-7 has two reuseable filters.  They both can be removed, washed in water, no soap, let dry and put back into the unit.  I really like this feature because buying filters all the time is bothersome and costly.  But more bothersome is not being able to find the replacement filter you need at your local stores!  I have found also that some of my other air purifiers have very costly replacement filters.  To me, this makes the higher initial expense of the EdenPURE G-7 more economical over time, because you don't have to replace the filters, just wash them.  The sanitizer option has a UV bulb, that kills germs when it is turned on.  I tend to like anything that kills germs!   I have read the booklet included with the unit, and I am not sure how everything works, especially the Anion option, but it emits a really clean smell in the house, and that, I understand!  When I walk into my house after a hard day at work, that smell is heavenly.  We have three cats.  We have a cat litter box downstairs, in our split level home, and one in the garage.  The cats also go outside when they want to.  Even with all these options, the downstairs cat box is my pet peeve because it seems to have an odor quite often.  I won't say the EdenPURE G-7 has totally removed the odor at all times, but it most certainly has helped.  My son also has his bedroom in the downstairs.  He works at a construction job and his clothes sometimes have a peculiar smell.  He also has a problem with sweaty feet, so his shoes have a horribly peculiar smell!  I have tried Lysol, Febreeze, Glade, Oust, candles, plug in deodorizors, and just about everything on the market for bad odors.  The EdenPURE G-7 has helped this problem tremendously!  The booklet claims that it pulls the odors out of fabrics and all surfaces.  I have noticed that it does reduce odors of just about every kind.  I purchased the Whole House unit, which is a small box unit.  Having a split level, I don't think it has access to the whole house, so I've moved it around to test it.  I feel it does a very good job, and notice the rooms I put it in smell cleaner.  There is also a smaller, one room cleaner that I am considering to buy.  I would like to leave one in my bedroom, instead of rotate in from room to room.  Something I haven't tried, but intend to do, is put the Whole House unit EdenPURE G-7 at the entrance to my furnace air intake.  The book recommends doing this to clean the air in the ductwork.  Sounds good to me!  The only reason I haven't tried that yet, is that my intake is at the top of my stairs, overhead.  I have no electricity there, and would have to run an electrical cord to it.  I'm a little fearful that someone would trip over it, but today I think I will come up with a way to accomplish stringing the cord higher on the wall to an outlet upstairs.  The EdenPURE G-7 has convinced me over the last four months, that it is an asset to my home.  My allergies aren't gone, but I do have to go outside every day, so I can't clean THAT air!  I'm going to try to clean the ductwork now!  Maybe my star rating with go to Outstanding! Don't I only HOPE!

Fairmount, IN


EdenPURE Whole Home Air Purifier

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