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EdenPURE SunTwin ELITE Quartz Infrared Heater

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cute and most important,it works!


when it is biting cold our poorly insulated house becomes very toasty warm with the help of this heater..it is easy to use and easily stores in any corner of the house.it was not expensive so it is a good alternative for folks on a limited income. Durability only had 1 season Safety we have 4 cats and 3 big dogs and they are fine around it


Apache Junction, AZ


Overpriced, Inefficient, expensive to run.


Have owned this unit for five years, originally purchased to heat a spare bedroom, worthless for that purpose. Ended up using it in a small bathroom, I turn it on 15 minutes before showering and wait for it to heat up. "Infrared" claims are a marketing gimmick, you're better off with a small ceramic heater. Only decent aspect is the safety factor, it is cool to the touch when operating, (but then again, so is the room). Overall, overpriced, inefficient, and expensive to operate.




EdenPure helps save on Natural Gas


We inherited our EdenPure from my husband parents when they decided to get a new one.  Currently we have it in our daughters room at night.  It keeps her bedroom nice and warm.  In order to cut our Natural Gas expenses we made the decision to turn our furnause down at night when we are sleeping.  We however did not want our daughter to be cold while she slept, so this heater has helped keep her toasty while she sleeps.  When the temperature gets below zero in the winter months the heater is moved into our living room to keep our living space warm.  If we did not have this heater our NG bill would be outrageous when the weather gets colder.  The heater itself is well made and nice to look at.  I would recommend to anyone who would like to cut their expenses.  The initial up front cost is a bit much, but like I previously stated we avoided that part.  My only reminder is that you clean out the filter located in the back of the heater weekly.


Pierre, SD


edenpure - safe and efficient heating


we purchased this several years ago for a small second house we used to own. The house was very old and had very inefficient heating. We were not ready to upgrade the heating in the house, due to the cost and how much work it would take. This was our temporary solution. we used it every winter for a couple years, pretty much non-stop and it's still going strong. This heater is not only very efficient, but it is completely safe. The heating elements are ceramic and there is a safety element that shuts the unit off it it is tilted or overheated. The heat is a very nice comfortable heat, like a warm blanket. Unlike other units we've had before, there is no burning or "heater" smell. I LOVE ...that is comes with a remote, that it is on wheels and can be easily moved around or from room to room. It isn't an eyesore. It is perfectly safe to have it near things without fear of burning. The outside of the heater does not burn you if you bump into it. When we had this in the old house, we would leave it running on level 2 or 3 when we were out of town to keep the house from getting too cold. we save SO much money on heating costs this way. Also, there is a filter in the back of the unit that can easily be cleaned out on occasion. sometimes, the unit won't get warm, but we found out.. for safety reasons, it does it when the filter is dirty. We simply take it out and vacuum, then put it back and voila, everything is fine. Now that we no longer have the 2nd house, we use it in the den as extra heat so we don't have to heat the whole house. We even brought it over to my parents house for a holiday dinner. They were having so many people over, that they had a game area set up in garage for the 8 kids in attendance. We put the heater in the garage to keep it warm, my dad was amazed at how well it heated the garage. It is a higher price, but the quality is a lot higher than similarly advertised products locally. Sometimes you have to pay more for efficiency and qualty. We have saved more than it's cost over the years in heating cost.


Star, ID


It's a good heater, but overstated


I purchased my Edenpure a year ago.  It sure uses a lot of energy, had to change out my breaker box to hold it.  I expected more because there is so much overstating of this heater.  It is ok for a little extra heat in the bedroom or if it's not very cold outside yet, but once the cold of the winter hits or if you are trying to heat a larger room, I don't feel that it's very effective at even getting warm.  I think one of the reasons it is overstated is because it is supposed to be energy efficient, using less energy to heat, being more cost efficient to heat your home, etc.  Since getting my new breaker box, I am using my heater on a regular basis now in my bedroom and I'm not positive if it cuts heating costs, but maybe a little.  Regardless, I think the cost of this heater is too high for the benefit of having it, but I wanted a secondary heat source besides my natural gas heat, so I am glad I got it.


Richland, MO


the eden pure sun twin space heater is great looking frunture


 The Edens pure sun space twin space heater is not only a good space heater it is by far a great looking peace of furniture that you could display in any room of the house. when Friends and family see it they would'nt believed that it was a beautiful space heater  instead of a lovely peace of furniture if you didn't;t tell them. I particular like the wood grain cabinet it enhanced any space of the home where it's used With the winter season gone i had no trouble at all keep my bedroom warm on those cold winter night . This was my first winter that i had to use a space heater and i must say i was not dispointed with the Eden pure sun twin heater. I was so delighted with it that iv'ed told all my family and Friends what a great product it is to own. Not only did it keep me and my cozey on those cold night but it was easy on my electric bill. It was worth the few cent more on my electric bill that i had to pay .


Bronx, NY


EdenPURE SunTwin ELITE Quartz Infrared Heater

4.3 6