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Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Gentle Vibration Swing

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The Eddie Bauer swinger rocked my baby to many sweet dreams.


The gray Eddie Bauer swinger was so helpful when my son was a baby.  Many of his naps were taken in its smooth soothing moton.  It came in a beautiful netural grey swede.  The swing also came with an infant head rest that was easy to insert and remove. He would start in the up position with soft lullabys or birds playing and end up in the reclined position asleep for hours.  The swing is battery operated and has a soothing vibration for the seat that takes batteries as well.  There is a small bear mobile at the top to look at.  The con to it is that it does not move by its self and my son could not reach it to play with.  There is a seat buckel and a plastic tray that latches on the side.  The con to this is the latch on the tray can pinch fingers if you are not careful.  This swing brought alot of joy to my sons life and I would recommend it to my friends. It is such a useful swing that there was a second one bought for the grandparents house. 

Yantis, TX


best swing.


My older sister lent me her Graco swing, hated it! It was hard to get baby out, had to be wound up every 15 minutes and had no toy tray. We decided on this swing because we've had nothing but wonderful experiences with Eddie Bauer baby products. And this swing is no exception. My 4 month old daughter loves this swing. She giggles everytime we put her in it. Also on days when she is really overtired and fussy we turn on the music and vibrations and it calms her and helps her to sleep. She takes her afternoon nap in this swing almost everyday. The toy tray is big enough for a few of her favorite items, the little elephant mobile is adorable, and the harness and snap in place tray keep her extra safe. It is easy to get her in and out, even when she is sleeping. It has a locking mechanism so it doesn't swing away from you while trying to get baby in and out. It is lightweight and easy to move around the house as well. Wouldn't be hauling it up and down stairs, but from room to room it is great. Also it is attractive enough where i don't mind it sitting in the middle of my living room. I highly recommend this swing!    

Fresno, CA


Eddie Bauer Gentle Vibration Swing

4.5 2