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Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Natural Wood High Chair

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I have had this highchair for 10 years! It has lasted through all of my kids and is still in GREAT shape! I am debating on selling it or saving it for my future grandkids! I love it!




Long-lasting quality chair


I got this hight chair as a gift before my first son was born.  I loved the look of it and the fact that it is made of wood instead of plastic like most other chairs.  It has lasted through 3 kids now and it still looks great.  It is easy to clean, durable, and sturdy.  My daughter climbs into it on her own and it is very stable.  I don't have to worry about it tipping at all.  The tray is easy to clean and the seat cover comes off for easy washing.  The tray even has holders in the front for parents to use and a removable insert in the tray.  I think this chair is worth the price and it has proved to be a quality product.  We even bought an extra one to keep at my in-laws because we loved it so much.  I would recommend this chair to anyone.  It is stylish, easy to clean and durable.  It would make a great gift for new parents and something that they will use for years to come.  I have been very happy with mine.


Avon, OH


Eddie Bauer Wooden High Chair is durable.


My son has been using this high chair for 2 years now. Its a nice looking sturdy high chair. The only issue I have with it is its a bit hard, granted a wooden high chair will be that way I mean its wood. :) It comes with a removable pad that is easy to wash, it is a bit thin and we just never seemed to put it back on after the second wash. It's easier to just wipe the chair and the tray down without worrying about the pad, plus it doesn't offer much padding anyway.  We have the darker high chair and I have noticed it tends to scratch really easy. Its a shame too because the wood looks like it would be high quality but for some reason just doesn't hold up well to normal everyday wear and tear. The tray is great, pulls out really easy and the double layered tray also makes it a bit easier to clean ( if your not feeding wet foods like apple sauce or spaghetti ) if you do feed them wetter foods it tends to leak between the top layer and the second layer.  Be sure to have a mat for this chair since there is no sort of catcher on the sides for any food that might have fallen down. This chair has done its job for the past two years, but if there is a next time, I don't think I will buy a wooden chair.  Design kinda big Ease of Cleaning a lot of parts


Dayton, OR


Eddie Bauer High Chair is beautiful, but not very functional


When my daughter was born, I had a new house and I didn't want an ugly, plastic high chair in my kitchen. So I bought this one because it was pretty. Big mistake that I'm sure many first-time parents make. This was such a pain to keep clean with those wood slats where food would get stuck. And the cloth cushion is really impractical because the only way to really get it clean is to put it in the washer, which is just ridiculous to do after every meal. Luckily, when I bought it the salesman had an extra cushion in the store room, so I had two, and even that was too hard to keep clean. The tray mechanism was also really hard to keep clean. I'm not sure how my daughter managed to regularly get food on the bottom of the tray, but it seemed like I was always having to clean something out of these mechanisms and they were not at "user-friendly" to clean. Overall, this high chair would look great in a store window display, but the mother of a young child needs something that is easy to clean and without nooks and crannies to store rotting and decaying food. (Lovely thought, I know ....)


Saratoga Springs, NY


Love my Eddie Bauer Wood High Chair


Love everything about this highchair. Definitely will last forever and love the look of the wood. The only thing I don't like is all the little crevises to clean. But I'm pretty sure that comes with any wooden high chair. :)


Danville, IL


Bigger is not always better


So I received this from my mother as a gift and was excited to have a highchair that could sit next to the dinig room table. The first time I went to buckle in my child was a nightmare. The tray I have can only be removed if you remove the screws, not convenient. So here I am trying to direct legs into the right holes and then am met with the ridiculous belt system. First I have to find the middle clasp under my child somewhere after I have went through a tough enough time getting her in, sometimes having to move her to pull it underneath her bottom if it managed to be shoved out of the way while setting her in. Then I have to make sure I have the two sides are tight enough to keep her secure. After all of this work, my little wiggler can still manage to get her legs into the seat and attempt to stand up and reach things on the table. The security belt doesn't seem to do much in keeping the child secure and makes me wonder if it's all just for show. I am thankful to have a highchair but would definitely steer friends clear of this particular brand and model only because of the fiasco of trying to secure your child.


Titusville, FL


Finally...a good looking high chair!


We bought the Eddie Bauer wood high chair as our primary high chair for everyday use in our kitchen. I simply could not bear to look at anymore plastic/primary colors, as they're overrunning our house! And I'm somewhat glad I did, because this chair has many redeeming qualities. Firstly, it's solidly made, of attractive, sturdy wood. It's also got a plush padded seat, and it's weighted well so it would be very difficult for a child to tip this chair over. I also really like the adjustable tray seat, it's easy to attach, remove, adjust and clean. The biggest drawback to this particular seat is really the weight/bulk of the piece of furniture. It's heavy! And hard to move, and takes up quite a bit of space. It's also a little more difficult to clean than an all-plastic chair would be, and I've noticed that it does leave little scuff marks on our wooden floor (we've since put felt bottoms on the four legs).


Longmeadow, MA


Best looking.


When looking for a high chair, I looked at all different kinds and when I saw the Eddie Bauer wood high chair, I thought it was the best looking by far. Its wood frame fits in with most kitchen and dining room tables nicely.  The cover is removable and washable.  The velcro tabs make it easy to put back on the chair.  The straps used to hold the toddler in are a little awkward and hard to strap around the legs and waist at times.   When your toddler gets a little bigger it is hard to get them in and out of the chair.   It is also a little hard to clean between the slats.  However, the removable tray makes for easy cleaning.  The top removable tray is even easier to clean but can be taken off by toddlers. The storage area in the back of the chair is good for storing bibs and other small things.  The frame is sturdy and seems to stand the test of time.  Overall, this is a great buy especially if you are looking for a high chair that fits in with the rest of your decor and don't mind a few inconvenient features for appearance.    


Rincon, GA


Eddie Bauer High Chair - SAFETY ISSUE - PLEASE READ!!


SAFETY ISSUE - PLEASE READ!!! We purchased this high chair when our first child turned about 9 months old. She used it until she was ready for a booster seat at the kitchen table, and then it went to our second child. Other than being heavy and impossible to clean, we really liked this high chair. However, two nights ago, or second child (9-months old) somehow slipped her foot in between the first two slats on the side, and got her leg stuck. YES she was buckled in, YES I was right there watching her. It happened so fast I couldn't stop it. And it was wedged in there so tightly that I couldn't move her leg one way or the other. Her leg swelled up and her foot started to turn purple. Judging by how her leg looked and how much she screamed when I touched it, I honestly thought she had broken her leg. The chair is assembled with those rare "square-head" screws, so I couldn't disassemble it. I had to grab a large pipe wrench from the garage and use it like a crowbar to break the slats in order to free her leg (while she cried in pain the entire time). Thankfully she's ok now, just bruised. I don't know what our next course of action will be, but I need to figure out how to submit a recall request to Eddie Bauer. This is a SERIOUS safety issue that needs to be addressed. If you look at the first two slats on each side of the chair, the space is wider at the top of the slats. It's large enough for a baby to slip his or her foot in between (EVEN while buckled tightly). Then the leg can slide downward and get wedged tightly. Thankfully I was right there when it happened so I was able to keep her from hurting herself more. But it's easy to see that a serious injury could occur. PLEASE give this some thought before you purchase this item. Please don't let your baby get hurt like ours was. We owned it for two years without any issue, but the potential danger was ALWAYS there and we didn't know. I will be contacting Eddie Bauer shortly and with any luck you will see a recall notice in the near future.  


Grove City, OH


baby loves eddie bauer wood high chair


the eddie bauer wood high chair looks as if it would be very sturdy and safe. it looks as if it would clean up well. there is a very nice tray with a support to keep the baby from slipping out. the legs look very sturdy and well braced.the tray is big enough to put babies food and drink. it has a seat belt so when they get older they cannot get out by themselves.the legs are spaced so it will not tip over easily. though you should never leave the baby looks big enough so the baby could use it for a long time. you should be able to use it for other children or hand it down to someone else.the seat is padded so it would be easy on babies back and bottom.the price does not seem to be to high. there is a step so when they get older they can help there mother get into the chair and it is also a place for them to put there feet.they can also play on the tray with their favorite toys and games.


Bates City, MO


Eddie Bauer Natural Wood High Chair

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