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Travel Bed
Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed

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A really smart invention, that every mom should have.


I really like using this Eddie Bauer infant travel bed because it is so easy to take with you any where. It is just an easy to use product. This travel bed folds up to be way smaller than what it is open to fit easily in any size car. It also just simply pops open and pops up to turn into the travel bed. It is also quite comfortable, The material is a soft material so if the baby brushes or bumps up against it, it will not hurt him or her. I like this product a lot too because it is sturdy, you do not have to worry about it falling down or collapsing on your baby. I like that it has extra features like the side pocket so i can easily store diapers or wipes. I also really like that it has the baby toys over top to keep my little infant interested. This is also a good product to purchase because it is roomy for the baby. He or she will not feel suffocated or caged in. It gives them just the right amount of room to breathe without giving them too much room to roll around all over the place.



Eddie Bauer Travel Bed is a good one if you need one.


I registered for the Eddie Bauer Travel Bed 5-1/2 years ago when I had my son. I thought that I would use it a lot but only used it a couple of times that I remember. I see that the newer ones have a toy bar which would probably make it more kid friendly. The travel bed is good for probably up to only 3 or 4 months since once your baby can roll over it would be pretty confined. It is small but would really work well especially with a younger baby that you are traveling with. I just used it at my mom's house and put it on the floor for nap a couple of times. It is made really well, and even though mine is 6 years old it looks brand new especially since it was hardly used. It is durable and I felt that it would be a safe place to put my baby down for a nap if I needed to. So if you need something like this then the Eddie Bauer brand is perfect and I would recommend it. But I have a daughter now and didn't even use this once. I just put her on the floor on a blanket which worked just as well.

Roanoke, VA


Eddie Bauer Travel Bed is good on the go


I thought I would use the Eddie Bauer Infant travel bed more than I have. I only have used it a handful of times when visiting family or traveling. When I do use, it comes very much in handy. The side are high enough to feel that your child is safe while sleeping or playing in it. The mattress is flat and sometime when my baby is playing in there I will put a blanket under her. The toy bar is needed to keep the sides up but I never put the toys on it. Now that my baby is older ( 7 months ) I still take it will me to ensure her safety while traveling. I usually put it down on the floor or on a bed. It is too wide to fit on our couch. The best part of this is it folds up easily and is very compact and light. It takes up little room in our closet and in our trunk when traveling. The material cleans easily and seems to be able to last for a while. I plan to use this for future children and I will save it to use for family members.

San Leandro, CA


Eddie Bauer Infat Travel Bed works great for my son


My husband and I bought the Eddie Bauer Infant Travel bed for our 2 month old son.  We travel a lot through airports and by car which means we stay in lots of hotels.  This infant travel bed has worked out great for us because I feel safe just laying him down in it.  The fact that it goes from a small compact bag to a small play area is wonderful to me because we already have a lot to carry with us for our son.  The only real negative is that the arm for the toys to hang from does not fit in the bag which I still haven't quite found a solution for.  We also bought some other toys to hang from the arm because the bear and the square are not very colorful.  My son enjoys looking at colorful things like most babies, I think.  Over all though this was a great purchase.  If you travel a lot with your baby this would be a good thing to invest in.  You know that where you are laying your baby is clean and he can't roll away.  Also you dont have to keep such a close eye on him since it is closed in on the sides.

Florence, SC


makes travel more baby friendly


The Eddie bauer Infant travel bed with toy bar definitely helps to make traveling more baby friendly. Our family had planned a trip to Disney that will coincide with baby being three months old. Now, as any parent knows, traveling with baby requires bringing a lot of gear. Clothes, accessories, diapers, etc...plus of course a car seat, and most likely a stroller. We assumed we'd also need to bring a pack and play for baby to sleep. The great thing about the travel bed is it replaces the need for the large pack and play. The bed folds up small enough to fit inside a suitcase, but then unfolds to be large enough to hold a baby up to 4-6 months. It has four sides for keeping baby safe and a sturdy, yet somewhat cushiony bottom for baby to lay on. In addition, it has a toy bar that goes over the top to keep baby entertained, so this is also a handy place to do diaper changes. Lastly, the color is very gender neutral, so this travel bed would would great for a boy or girl.

Wichita, KS


Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed

3.8 5