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Eddie Bauer High Chair
Eddie Bauer High Chair wood highchair

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an amazing buy.


When I first bought this highchair I only bought it to match my dining room table. I was so impressed when my daughter actually enjoyed sitting in it and eating meals. So then I decided to read up on the brand and safety aspects of this highchair. I found out that it was one of the safest highchairs for fiddlers and it was a good brand with a year warranty. Sturdiness My daughter is really tall cause it runs in the family. So naturally shes overweight and it still has not given us any problems after two years. Design I loved the design obviously but at the same time it was easy ti decorate for her birthday because the Colorado is such a neutral color Safety Eddie Bauer is one of the safest brands out there. Yes they are a little pricey but I would pay extra anyday if it meant that my baby girl would always be safe in it. Ease of Cleaning There's no hidden creases holding yucky food from a month ago. Its all wide open and super easy to clean.



Eddie Bauer High Chair wood highchair

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