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Eddie Bauer High Chair
Eddie Bauer High Chair Eddie Bauer Wood High Chair 03033B4B

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Quick & Simple Baby Meals in this Chair!


This Eddie Bauer high chair is made of hardwood which is stained & has a detachable cushion for the baby to sit on/against. It's very sturdy, looks sharp in any kitchen or dining room & is very easy to detach & clean the tray. Sturdiness It's very sturdy, even with the baby wiggling around throughout every meal in this high chair, it's still not rickety or loosened. Very safe! Eddie Bauer is always a good brand. Durability The durability is fantastic! We have to keep this chair going from place to place while the baby is babysat. It's been bumped all around in the car, possibly fallen on the ground from someone's hands at one or two points. It's still in great condition. Design The design was put assembled very well. It has a tray that very easily slides off without effort but still locks into place to keep the baby from falling or jumping out of the chair. It's a good size to fit a baby for up to about 2 years old. The physical appearance of the high chair is great as well, it's an upper scale look. Very smooth, sleek & stained dark brown. Safety I have no concerns of safety when it comes to this chair, there's no getting out once the baby's locked in! The tray locks in easily as well. Ease of Cleaning This high chair is very easy to clean. The tray itself is attached to another top tray that you can slip off, wash with soap & water then slide back on. Very simple! Saves a ton of time as well!



Eddie Bauer High Chair Eddie Bauer Wood High Chair 03033B4B

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