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Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Endeavor Travel System Stroller

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Nice stroller!


We had a really HARD time picking out our stroller with baby #1.  My dear husband wanted a VERY expensive model and I wanted something economical, but cute/stylish/useful, etc.  I wanted the best of both worlds.  Something I loved and was proud to own/use, something that did NOT cost a fortune:)  We agreed on this one.  It has been very wonderful.  The pluses are many - the car seat comes with it and fits in the stroller, so when the baby is young you can just pop the car seat out of the car and into the stroller.  If you want the baby in the actual stroller you can make it a flat surface to assist with napping on the go too.  The car seat can be forward and rear facing, etc.  Out cons with this system was that it was more bulky that it seemed and hard to manuever in tight spaces (like when shopping in a retail clothing store).  Also, it was a little short for us, we are 5'8" and 6'3" anad had to walk sort of stooped to grab the handles.  If you are taller it would be more comfortable for you to get something with adjustable handles.  Enjoy your baby!


Plainfield, IN


Cute patterns but not the greatest travel system out there.


I bought this Eddie Bauer Montecito Travel System when I was pregnant with my first son. I knew I wanted the 5 point harness and a cute pattern and this travel system certainly qualified for it! The pattern is adorable, I've never seen any other like it, that's just about my favorite feature though. The carseat itself is heavy and only fits babies safetly up to 20 pounds. My son at 3 1/2- 4 months was 20 pounds! Granted, he was a chubby baby but I spent all this money on this travel system for only a few months of use! Save your money and put it towards a carseat that has a higher weight limit!! The carseat's cushion or cover although adorable was not good quality. It pilled very easily and only after a few months of us. We did not even use it that much I mean 1-3 month old babies who have stay at home mom's are not being toted around in it daily. The stroller can be difficult to steer and is large and bulky. But it was nice to have two cupholders, a lot of strollers don't even have one. And it was also nice to have the little compartment for keys or a pacifier etc. Overall, the system was okay- but do your research before buying one. 


Oak Harbor, WA


The Eddie Bauer travel system does it's job.


So, flashback to registering for baby:)  Darling husband and I are at BabiesRUs and we are registering.  The one thing that darling husband enjoys the most is "test driving" the strollers.  i have a distince memory of hubby saying look and collapsing the stroller with one hand.  So, one positive is that this stroller is husband approved.  Another positive is that it collapses easily.  The cover is easy to remove and wash (which you will have to do because it will get spit-up and poopy on it).  It is easy to install in vehicle.  It do wish the weight limit for the infant carseat was greater than 25 pound, because I have big babies.  I also wish the stroller was lighter.  But, what I can say is that it is easily manuverable and durable.  The color is fairly nuetral.  I have boys, but if I have a girl down the road, I can simply add a pink head support, cuddly thing.  There is ample storage in the basket underneath and I do like the cup holders.  So.... final verdict is recommended!


Moses Lake, WA


I love the Eddie Bauer travel system


I love my Eddie Bauer travel system. I just had my 4th child 4 months ago, it had been 10yrs since my last child so I was like a new mom shopping for all new items. Things have changed alot and I must say it seemd like for the better. This stroller has a very easy to use one hand quick close mechanism on the handle which works great and really is easy to use. The stroller is very durable, but is still light enough for me ( a 5ft tall woman) to lift into the back of my van. It is also very easy to attach the car seat to the stroller, there is a detachable bar which stores on the handle that you pop in when you want to attach the car seat and the car seat is then securely fastned to the stroller. The car seat is a great design it fit a child a bit bigger than the standard infant car seat, but the car seat is still compact. The base for the car seat is adjustable which helps you securely fit the base into just about and car or van, I have had my base installed very easily in both of my vans and a reantal car with no problem. The one negative that I have found is the car seat buckle you have to line up the 3 point of the harness exact (like puzzle pieces) to be able to buckle the baby in, not good for when your in a hurry or you have an impaitent husband. Also wanted to metion that the stroller has a great 5 point harness.I would definitley recommend this system to anyone looking for a car seat/stroller combo.


Grayslake, IL


Eddie Bauer Travel System is great!!


My parents bought us this travel system when my son was born.  We have loved it so far.  We used the infant seat with base until my son was a year old and never had any problems.  The base was easy to install and the car seat was easy to take in and out of the base (very nice when baby is sleeping).  It is a bit heavy, but this is the only infant seat I have had so I can't really make comparisions.  The infant seat fits nicely in the stroller part and stroller is very easy to fold up and manuver.  My favorite features are the huge basket in the bottom and the little clear window in the canopy of the stroller so you can check on the little one without having to open everything up.  My son always seems very comfortable and the shoulder straps are easy to adjust.  It comes with a nice removeable headrest too.  Another plus is drink cup holders for the baby and on the top for the parents too.  I highly recommend.  Will last us a long time.


Spring, TX


Love this stroller


I got this travel system for my baby shower and used the infant carrier for over 10 months loved the fact that it carried a larger baby with easy only down fall is the carrier weighed more than the graco brand. The stroller is roomy and reclines with ease, it has a large storage basket as well. It has 2 cup holders for adults and a child cup holder and snack tray. The stroller steers good and has large wheels for rough ground as well.


Milwaukee, WI


We loved this Eddie Bauer travel system!


My husband and I spend weeks before our daugher was born trying to decide on a carseat/stroller combo.  We got her the Eddie Bauer travel system and would not be happier! We liked the design a lot, the car seat and stroller combination aspect of the travel system and the fact that it would be gender neutral. When we got it home we found a few things that we didn't was hard to put together since there were a million pieces. In fact, a few of the pieces were cracked. The company did a great job in sending us out replacements super quick though. We do love that the stroller part is really easy to open one handed and stores nicely in a considerable small space. The removable tray is great and makes for easy cleaning. The price was a bit steep, but I feel that this is an investment that our possible future children would be able to enjoy. I don't feel that some of the other cheap looking strollers and car seats sold seperately would have been a better buy, even at a cheaper price. 


Chesapeake, VA


Eddie Bauer Endeavor Travel System Stroller

4.3 7