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Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Deluxe Convertible Car Seat

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Great quality


I have "Irish Triplets," three children just a little over a year between each of them. This makes travel anywhere an event and a little chaotic at times. I purchased my first **Eddie Bauer 22741 Granite Convertible Car Seat **once my oldest child was able to transition to a convertible seat**. ** **Facts about the** **Eddie Bauer 22741 Granite Convertible Car Seat:** - 3-in-1 usage: rear facing, forward facing, and booster seat in one - movable head rest/support - removable cup holder - seats infants and up **What I don't like about the **Eddie Bauer 22741 Granite Convertible Car Seat**** - head rest is not comfortable for long trips ****What I do like about the **Eddie Bauer 22741 Granite Convertible Car Seat****** - the dark color! - adjustable head rest - ease and versatility of the seat - 3-in-1 feature - adjustable for reclining - removable cup holder - light weight This is a great product for the money. It is of great quality and, for the most part, very comfortable. I have purchased two of them thus far. The only downside, as for any carseat, is the comfort factor while traveling long distances (and your child ends up looking like he/she has a rubber neck). ******

Marietta, GA


Great Quality and Comfy too!


When I needed to replace my infant car seat and forward facing car seat after an auto accident, I purchased two Eddie Bauer Convertible Car Seats. I have had them for almost two years and they have held up very well.  My oldest boy gets car sick and we have had to wash them at least once a month if not more. The fabric has held up very well through multiple washings and the hardware has too!  The only issue I have with the convertable car seats is that they are a pain to take a part and put back together, especially the first time! I've gotten to know that if you use a butter knife to pop out the little black pieces that hold the fabric in place, disassembly goes a lot smoother.  I have used it as both a rear facing and forward facing car seat and find that both of my boys LOVED them, either way. It seemed to be very comfortable for them on long car trips (5+ hours) and the handy cup holder is great for both my little guys. If they don't have their water bottles in it, then we put in either snacks or toys for them to have at hand. Overall it's a great product for the price and I am looking at buying a third for our newest addition in January :)

Foresthill, CA


Very uncomfortable


After much research I ultimately decided to purchase this seat. I will admit that I made the wrong decision. The last deciding factor for me was comfort and this one looked like it had better padding and a more supportive head rest so I went with this one. Well the head rest is awful! It pushes out my daughters head instead of cradling it. It looks very uncomfortable. It was not too bad when the seat was more reclined in the rear facing position, but when it is forward facing and more upright, it just pushes her head forward. I have read the manual to see if I have it at the wrong level, but all levels do the same thing and it cannot be removed. Other things about the seat are good such as its safety rating and it is easy to clean. The latch system is also a pain. The clips are very hard to push in. It does have an added cup holder which gets in the way, but that can be removed. For the price, you can easily buy another seat that is safe and comfortable for your baby or toddler. I would not recommend it.

Chesterfield, NJ


Eddie Bauer Deluxe Convertible Car Seat

4.0 3