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Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Cling SunShade

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Works great!


We have a son who does not like to have the sun in his face. I have tried many different sun blocking products; the roll up shades, the suction cup shades, and now the cling shades. Hand down, the Eddie Bauer Cling SunShades were the best, and the cheapest. The Eddie Bauer Cling SunShade attach easily to your window, and can be removed and reattached very easily. They were inexpensive and have been in our car for well over a year now with no problems. I love that we can roll the window down when it is nice outside and not have to take the Eddie Bauer Cling SunShade off the window. The only con that I have for the Eddie Bauer Cling SunShade would be that they do not come in different sizes. The widows in my car are larger than others, and the shade does not cover the whole window. This is not a big enough of a con to not purchase these again for a friend as a gift. The Eddie Bauer Cling SunShade are a great gift for a new parent!

Indianapolis, IN


These are cheap and worked well for us!


My grandson was always getting the sun in his eyes.  He is still facing backwards, but he doesn't have a canopy on his car seat anymore and the sun became an issue. We looked many places for a good sunshade.  Many of them connect to your window with suctions cups.  The reason we decided against these ones because of our safety concerns.  It was our concern that in an accident, the suction cups may not hold the shade and that the shade could fly off the window at my grandson and injur him.  It's most likely a small risk, but still not worth it to us.  Also, with the suction cup ones, you can not move your window up or down at all (which to be honest, really isn't a big deal to us). These are hard to put on where they actually look nice, but once you get them on, they work pretty good.  My daughter has a GMC Acadia, and this does not cover the entire window, so some sun still gets in; however, it is a major improvement from having nothing on there at all. The best thing about these is the price.  They are very cheap!

Buffalo, MN


sun out, but not great


The Eddie Bauer sun shades come in a two pack and protects little ones from harmful rays in the car. The ones we have are on the small side and only protect a fraction of the sun that comes in. It was frustrating that they never seemed to block out all of the sun and didn't come in different sizes for different cars. Since we recieved it as a gift, they have been used in our primary car but never bothered to purchase any for our second car. Thus said, I am inpartial to saying it is a must have for babies. Especially now that my daughter is eighteen months old, she is able to pull on the shade and break them easily. I can't count the number of times I have tried to fix them from her pulling them down and completely out of the bracket. I think she is just going to have to learn to deal with the sun like a big girl. On the good side, they are cheap and tend to be found at most consignment and used stores.

Portland, OR


Eddie Bauer Cling SunShade - Not worth paying for


I bought these when my daughter was little and they were a waste of money. They wouldn't stay suctioned to the window and it was difficult the get them to roll back up so they weren't hanging when they didn't need to be. We ended up throwing them away because they were so useless.

Southaven, MS


Eddie Bauer Cling SunShade

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