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Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer Classic Wood High Chair

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Looks beautiful and works great!


I am a mom to seven, so needless to say I've had my fair share of highchairs.  This is definitely my favorite.  It is beautiful and doesn't scream, "Baby!"  The pad is easily removeable and washes easily in the washing maching.  I love the size of the tray and that it has a removeable tray.  We like to use that one for coloring, finger painting, etc.  The only downsides are that the slats are a bit tricky to clean around and that the part the tray clips onto doesn't easily remove.  I would like it better if the leg separator also removed so that you could just slide it up to the table and use as a tall chair.  I do think you can remove it with an allen wrench but haven't tried yet.  It is also definitley for older babies that can sit independently.  This isn't a big deal for us as we don't usually put our little babies in highchairs anyway. Overall, it is a great highchair.  I love it! (edited to add: I did purchase this off Craigslist so I can't remark on how easy or difficult it was to put together.)

Franklin, TN


Eddie Bauer Classic HighChair is stylish, but doesn't wear well.


I have been using this high chair now for about 18 months. We got it as a shower gift for our 24 month old son. I love that it fits well with our other decor, and that it doesn't look babyish. I love the dark wood and classic look. It was fairly easy to put together and seemed pretty sturdy. At first, I was very happy with the high chair. I was hoping that it would be a high chair that could remain in our family for years. One that could be used for each child we may have. This was for our first child. And, I was kind of looking for one that could be a small heirloom from when he was young. My mother was able to keep the high chair from when I was young. However, this highchair has not worn well for us. I am very disappointed in the fact that some of the finish has worn off. And, there are little nicks in the wood. I know that my son isn't very gentle with things. However, I don't quite know how it looks so bad. I have noticed that sometimes when wiping the furniture down, the stain comes off onto the paper towel.  I usually use the Clorox's anywhere spray. But, even if I just use a paper towel and water, the finish comes off a little bit. The padding is also very hard to keep clean. It is washer and dryer safe. But, I would have to wash it everyday. I can't just wipe it down. All in all, I like the high chair. I just think that one would be kidding themselves if they think it will last for years and still remain looking good. I think for our next child, we may have to break down and get a plastic highchair/booster set.      

Westerville, OH


The eddie bauer high chair was a great buy!


For our dauthers 6 month "Birthday" we got her the Eddie Bauer Classic High Chair. We liked the design a lot, the dark hard wood and the fact that it would be gender neutral. When we got it home we found a few things that we didn't like...it was hard to put together since there were no pre-drilled holes. Besides that the actual blue padding on the chair is pretty thin. I don't think that it is super comfortable for a child to sit on practically a chunk of wood. We do love that it looks great in our kitchen and is really easy to wipe down. The removable tray is great and the top can be slid easily with one hand. The height is also nice and there is storage under the actual seat. The price was a bit steep, but I feel that this is an investment that our possible future children would be able to enjoy. I don't feel that some of the other cheap looking plastic high chairs would have been a better buy, even at a cheaper price. 

Chesapeake, VA


Eddie Bauer Classic Wood High Chair

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