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Eddie Bauer
Eddie Bauer 2-Level Wood Booster Seat

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Many good qualities


We received this chair as a gift after our first child was born.  Plusses:  I love having the detachable cover.  It wipes down easily and is easy to get on and off.  The velcro straps are easy to get to.  The height adjustment for the legs is nice.  You can use it for several different sized chairs and table heights.  I love having the leg bar attached to the tray.  Makes the tray optional as they get older. Minuses: The straps that attach it to the chair are difficult to manuever.  The buckles never seem to be in the right spot and I find myself messing with them every time I move the chair.  The wooden slats are a trap for food!  Close enough to make it hard to clean, wide enough to collect food.  One other thing that has never been a big deal for us, but is worth mentioning, is the fact that it does not recline at all, making it impractical for feeding younger babies. All in all, after they are able to sit up, it's a great high chair and then booster steat for kids and will last a long time.  It's very durable and has lasted 3 kids so far, another is on the way, and we intend to keep this one around for visitors long after our kids outgrow it.

Harrisburg, PA


Very nice space saving high chair and booster seat


I received the Eddie Bauer high chair and booster seat as a gift when my daughter was about 6 months old. I had done some research on space saving high chairs, and I really wanted this one. I didn't want to make my request too known though, so I simply requested a space saving high chair. While at the store my stepmom called and asked specifically which of them I wanted. I, of course, picked the Eddie Bauer wooden high chair and booster seat. We have used it every day for 3.5 years. We started off using it has a high chair complete with the straps and the tray. As my daughter has grown, we have taken the straps off, the tray off and the seat protector off. This makes it feel so much more like a booster seat at a restaurant to her, and she doesn't get upset about being in a 'baby seat'. The seat has held up so well. We are expecting another baby soon, and I know that this seat will not only make it through another child, but I'm sure that I'll be able to sell it even after she has made good use of it.

Gate City, VA


Great for small spaces


The Eddie Bauer high chair - booster style is great for small spaces and those that don't want a huge high chair in their kitchen or dining room. The other plus is that it is portable for when you need to travel with your kid. The con is that it is extremely hard to clean with a lot of small spots that dried up food gets into. As well as the straps are hard to get extremely tight against her and without the tray she slouches quite a bit. We have a small toddler as well and it fits her so much better than a large regular size high chair. This is the only high chair that we have found that she doesn't slip right out. We keep the booster chair strapped to a regular kitchen chair and she has been sitting at the kitchen table with us as we all eat dinner together for months. As she gets older we will just take the tray away and she will use it as a regular booster at the dinner table. And we would have only had to buy one high chair for her.

Portland, OR


Eddie Bauer 2-Level Wood Booster Seat

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