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Ecover Laundry Wash

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Clean and Green!


I like the Ecover Laundry Wash for all my laundry needs. I don't like the chemicals in regular detergent, I don't want the residue on my skin and I don't want it going down the drain to poison the animals in the rivers and ocean. That said, none of the less toxic cleaners are going to clean as aggressively as something as toxic as something like Proctor and Gamble's Tide. Harsh toxic chemicals are always going to clean better than less toxic ones. If you wipe off your hands with gasoline it will remove the dirt better than regular soap but that doesn't mean that we should all be using it. But having used many different green cleaners like Ecover Laundry Wash then this particular brand is pretty decent and does a good job on my laundry and I highly recommend it for your laundry too. I like that it doesn't have a strong smell, I don't like it when my laundry leaves a strong scent behind everywhere I go. Usually that is a sign of a chemical solvent or phalates, which I don't want to partake of :) Scent Low scent which is what I like!


Amherst, MA


Meh, Could Be Better


When I purchase a so called environmentally safe product, I expect the ingredients to be a lot different than the other more mainstream products I like or even the few natural *green* products that I have found to be nice. This one, however did not quite make the grade unfortunately. Performance I have to rate this as a satisfactory detergent based upon the fact that it does clean clothing somewhat. The problem is that it tends to take more than usual dosages of product to adequately clean the fabrics. Also, I found that it does not do as many loads in a bottle as it says it will which is frustrating since the Ecover line is supposed to CONSERVE instead of waste and I feel that it is overpriced for this kind of performance. I have used Ecover products on and off since they first came out (yes, that long) and I have a love hate relationship with their products. Some are great and then they either discontinue them or change them and I am not as fond, or the reverse. Although I am not impressed with the most recent experience I have had with their laundry detergent, I have to say that I will try again in the future as sometimes they come up with real winners. This one is just jot up to the quality it could be and I feel it should be more effective. I can buy sodium lauryl sulfate driven laundry detergents from most lines and not have to pay the extra money but get much better performance too. Scent The scent didn't last very long on the clothing, but was not unpleasant at all. With laundry, I prefer a bit of a scent lingering on the fabrics although not cloying like some of them can be. This was not that type of scent. It pretty much vanished as the clothes dried.


Podunk, NY


Great Product


I was super surprised when I used this product. I used in in a load of whites the first time so I could see the quality, When I opened my washer the fresh clean smell was so nice. Nothing artificial just clean clothes. When I pulled out my clothes I couldn't believe how white they were with nothing added but this detergant. I love that it is environmentally friendly but also works better than the detergant I had used my entire life. I recommend this product Scent clean, natural


Winchester, IN


Organic Product with a Surprise


I was actually shocked when I used this soap powder at how nicely it cleans your clothes. Usually when you get organic products they are good for the environment and good for you to use but they don't usually get the dirt up. I was very happy with this soap powder and although it is only sold in "organic stores" it is a product worth using. Scent Could use a little more scent but I guess that is one of the things that organic products do not use much of.


Pittsburgh, PA


long-lasting natural scent that cleans extremely well


When I was looking for new non-toxic laundry detergents, I came across Ecover. Their ingredients are plant based and are 100% biodegradable so that's something that I prefer for both our home and for the planet. I decided to try Ecover's Laundry Wash HE and I'm really glad I did because not only does it smells great naturally, but I only needed to use a little bit to clean a full load. Perhaps because it's engineered for High Efficiency washing machines, but whatever scientific method they came up with - it's great, because it has helped me reduce detergent waste both financially and environmentally. The Ecover's Laundry Wash HE contains like Limonene and Citronello and I can swear there's also a bit of lavendar in it although it's not listed in the ingredients. The combination of scents is refreshing and delicate and this laundry is great for both children and adults laundry. I would definitely recommend Ecover's Laundry Wash HE for those that are trying to buy more natural-based laundry detergents and want something that will clean effectively as well as save some money while doing so.


Yorba Linda, CA


over-rated--not as advertised


OK smell, but so-so at best when it comes to actually cleaning laundry--and a bottle covers at least 15-20 percent fewer loads than advertised.  Equally disappointed with dishwashing liquid and floor cleaner.  Don't mind paying more for eco-friendly stuff when it delivers.  These products do not.


Morrisville, PA


My favorite laundry soap!


This is by far my favorite laundry detergent. The ingredients are all natural, biodegradable, not tested on animals and it has a wonderful light lavender sent. In the winter my skin gets very sensitive to harsh and chemical ingredients in laundry detergent and fabric softeners but I have never experienced any problems with any Ecover products. It also does a good job of removing stains. I do pre-treat spots with Ecover Stain Remover and I can't think of any stains that haven't come out. I highly recommend it!


Brooklyn, NY


Ecover Laundry Wash

4.0 7