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Ecotrin Low Strength Aspirin

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AN 88-year old retired doctor turned me on to Ecotrin 325 mg


My husband and I are  both health conscious; however, with 43 years of smoking behind him, he's now reaping the havoc the nasty habit has left in its aftermath on his health. Numerous system disorders: Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, and Enodcrine system my husband has experienced and continues to do so; but, he ascribes to good health. What a guy! A cast iron stomach I proudly own. Unfortunately, in past years, my husband has had stomach ulcers ....... no cast iron stomach for him. You say, what's the point? What are you leading up to? Is this about the dangers of smoking?  Seven years ago I was sitting in an interdepartmental meeting, and a much admired (retired/practicing) doctor sat next to me. He pulled out a little pill box. He reached in and put a little orange pill in his mouth, winked at me as he handed me the pill box, and said `take one and pass it around.' He was the most aged of us present. We all trusted and admired him, so, we all took a little orange pill.  As we age we all will need this particular little orange pill.  Aging well will require an aspirin a day; but, here's why you're not going to wreck havoc on your liver or stomach with just any aspirin. All aspirins are not created equal.  You're going to choose to take this little orange pill (only after you have been told by your doctor to take an aspirin a day); because, it's ECOTRIN 325mg safety-coated aspirin. ECOTRIN 325mg safety-coated aspirin is gentle on the body because of the coating, and it's easy to swallow. It's the shape, and size of an M&M (plumped up a tiny bit).  ECOTRIN 325mg safety-coated aspirin as are most aspirins, designed to contain ingredients that contribute towards keeping blood flowing through our veins and arteries without clogging; because, thickened, clogged blood can cause us to have strokes and heart attacks. Any aspirin, yes, will accomplish this goal; but, I repeat ECOTRIN 325mg safety-coated aspirin is gentler on the body than any non-coated aspirin; meaning, that non-cast iron stomach my husband has, tolerates with no complications ECOTRIN 325mg  safety-coated aspirin. Lastly, in October the doctor who turned me on to ECOTRIN 325mg safety-coated aspirin will be a sharp, witty, cerebral 95-year old retired, practicing physician. Doctor recommended ..... if you have been told you need an aspirin a day, take nothing less than ECOTRIN. ***Us Only The Dose Recommended By Your Physician***

Chicago, IL


Ecotrin, works great for me!!!!


I had a Heart Attack about  three years ago and my Doctor prescribed Ecotrin 81mg Aspirin for me and since then it has been working very well for me. My blood work comes back good every 6 months, I mention it to all my friends and they talk it over with their doctors and their doctors say it is a good med for people who have a had a heart attack and want to prevent another. I recommend Ecotrin to all the people I meet at the store, and even at the doctors office, and I find a coupon for more Ecotrin inside the box when I purchase more every month, Sometimes I find a coupon in Sundays newspaper too. I will continue to use Ecotrin 81 mg aspirin as it works for me keeping my blood thin and not clotting up in my arteries, I do watch my cholesterlol intake as well and exercise daily, I know Ecotrin 81 mg aspirin is recommend #1 by Cardiologist and it is safety coated for sensitive stomach as well. Take it from me a heart attack survivor.

Port Orange, FL


Ecotrin Low Strength Aspirin

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