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Ecotemp TempSoma
Ecotemp TempSoma Comfort Touch Memory Foam

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Made a huge difference to our mattress


We bought the 3 inch ecotemp TempSoma comfort touch memory foam, after trying several different types of mattress toppers, hoping this time we could get a good nights sleep without the back ache in the morning.  As soon as we put it on the bed and laid down we could feel a huge difference in the comfort level of our bed.  After sleeping on it a full night neither of us woke with our normal back pain.  My husband had been having some awful mornings with low back pain and I have severe osteoarthritis in my back and had a compression fracture to it a couple months ago, so have had extreme pain to the point I was unable to sleep in our bed.  I had tried returning to our bed several times after the pain had decreased from the fracture but after an hour or two I was back on the couch.  One night of sleeping on our new memory foam and I made it a full 6 hours with just a minimum ache in the morning.  We are both so pleased we are getting one for our daughter for Christmas as she also has some back problems and has been having difficulty finding a mattress that she can sleep on.  The only thing that would possibly make this any better would be a 4 inch memory foam and not even sure that would make that big of a difference and as we are very happy with our bed now we have no desire to make any changes!

Monroe, LA


Ecotemp TempSoma Comfort Touch Memory Foam

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