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Econobum One-Size Diaper Cover

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Very affordable diaper cover!


I bought this econobum cover for a great price. I mainly used bumgenius 4.0 diapers, but I liked having diaper covers and prefolds for traveling or to help clear up a diaper rash. This diaper cover is very affordable and holds up well through many uses. It seems to made of quality materials, and it dries quickly. I also used it as a swim diaper in a pinch. It is a great addition to a diaper stash. Ease of Use The diaper cover itself is easy to use. The snaps are easy to use. I would personally most likely not use these if someone else was changing my child, but that would be because of the required prefold or other insert that would be required under the cover and not due to the cover itself. Leak Prevention I used a prefold under the econobum cover and did not have any leak issues. It fit my daughter well, especially around the legs to prevent leaks. Comfort This is a basic diaper cover, but it is a soft cover that did not scratch or bother my daughter. Absorbency This is a diaper cover only, so an insert will be needed for absorbency. I used a prefold under the econobum cover and the absorbency was great.



Good diaper for the price


Econobum is made by Cotton Babies which also makes Flip so it is very similar to the Flip cover. This is a good diaper cover but it is very basic. This diaper cover has no piece of fabric inside to help hold in an insert or contain mess. It also only has one row of snaps instead of most diapers having too. I used this cover right when I got it and I didn't like that it only had one row of snaps. I had Flip covers and much preferred two rows because it felt more durable when unsnapping the diaper. With the Econobum cover it seems to pull on the plastic more than I would like. The PUL seems a little thinner but all the times I've used it I haven't had any problems with it. Because I have a number of other covers, this one tends to not get used because I don't like the snaps. If you already have other covers, I wouldn't recommend getting one of these. If you want to get a good cover for the price, though, this is a pretty nice cover and the Econobum inserts that you can get with it are very good.

Monticello, MN


Between 12 and 35 lbs you will likely LOVE this cover!


I have used quite a few diaper covers (have used flats and prefolds with my now 2 y/o and my 16lb 3month old), and the Econobum is by far my favorite one size. It is thin and fits both children very well, doesn't add bulk, holds up well in the wash, is soft and looks quite comfortable, doesn't leak when used properly, and line dries quickly. I also like that it is white so I don't have to see ugly patterns through my sweet baby's cute onesies and I don't have to worry if it matches my toddlers dresses. I purchased four of these in white to split between my 2 children and the are my go to covers. I need more to have as spares for the diaper bag because they take up much less space than most of my other covers, and either child can wear it! Ease of Use My husband gets confused by the snaps, and had trouble figuring out which side was the outside because it was all white...but he learned where the little tag should be and was fine :-) Absorbency Not really applicable because it is a waterproof diaper cover, not an actual diaper. It is to be used in addition to a flat, fitted, or prefold cloth diaper.

Dacula, GA


I love the Econobum Cover!


This is my favorite diaper cover. It is made from PUL to be waterproof. I use prefolds and flats to cloth diaper my daughter so waterproof covers are a must. My daughter is around 14 lbs and this fits on the smallest snap setting perfectly. I think it would be pretty big on a newborn but I fully expect her to be able to wear this cover until potty training. The elastic is very soft and gentle unlike other diaper cover elastics which can leave harsh red marks on baby's chunky thighs. I have never had a leak with this cover. It wipes clean pretty easily and dries on the line in no time at all. I even use this overnight over her doubled up night-time diaper. This is such a great, inexpensive diaper cover!

Long Valley, NJ


Econobum One-Size Diaper Cover

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