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Econobum Cloth Diapers

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Okay back-up for smaller babies, and great for older ones!


I originally bought a cover and 3 pre-folds package as a cost-efficient option for my baby when she was 3 months old, and I did not like them very much. Although these are technically one-sized they looked quite bulky on a 3 month old, and the econobum prefolds were way bigger than the size 1 osocozy prefolds I had. I mostly used them as a back-up for when my other NOT one-sized diaper covers and prefolds were already used. However, when my baby became around 9 months these became my go-to! They started fitting better (and thus stopped leaking) and the covers dry out easily by an open window so that I can use the cover multiple times as long as there is no poop. I also think they are more comfortable for the baby because I don't see as many marks on her legs and bottom as my other one-size covers. I highly recommend for older babies because you can't get better affordability than this! Ease of Use The prefolds need to be used horizontally when the baby is younger and vertically when the baby is older. The vertical prefold is still long on my baby even at 15 month old and 90th percentile in height, so there needs to be a little folding and adjusting to fit, so it might be a little more cumbersome. Leak Prevention Great when the baby is older, but a little lacking when the baby is smaller and there are gaps around the legs.



Good prefold for older kids.


I received these from a family member to try and talk me into cloth diapering. They are good prefolds to have in any stash. They only issue I have with them is that they are really thick when you fold them up to put them on your child. I tried a few different folding options and they were still to thick on my little guy to be comfortable. They work great for my toddler and hold a lot of urine. Ease of Use The Econobum Cloth Diapers are by far one of the most complicated diapers I have tried to use. There are all different ways to use them and when you first start none of it makes a lot of sense. I finally resorted to using a YouTube video so I could figure out how other people were using them and loved them so much. I finally got it down pat but it still was not our thing. Leak Prevention These prefolds very seldom leak and are great for long term wear or for older children. Comfort These were by far the worst diapers on my son. He could not get full range of this legs. He was very uncomfortable anytime I put one on him. Absorbency The absorbency of these prefolds is absolutely amazing. They can absorb more than one pee and do not leak at all.



Econobum is a nice prefold but not my favorite!


Let me start out with what I do like about this prefold. I like that it is one-size - you can fold it down to fit any baby. I absolutely LOVE how soft it is. It is a lot softer than other prefolds I have tried. I like the natural, unbleached color of this prefold. I do not like how it is not stitched like a traditional prefold. It has the same amount of layers troughout and is stitched in like a grid. I think this is so that you can fold it whichever way you are laying it out - whether long-ways for an older baby or short-ways for a smaller baby. My baby is 5 months old and this is a VERY bulky prefold option. Super absorbant and soft but its bulkyness always means that I reach for other prefolds instead. If bulk is not an issue for you, or if you have a much bigger infant, this might be the perfect prefold

Long Valley, NJ


Econobum Cloth Diapers

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