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EcoSpa Power Rain Hand Shower

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EcoSpa Power Rain Hand Shower--ok but not spectacular


I had this installed so my mother could use a bath seat in the tub. The handheld shower aspect is really nice. I like the rain shower since it is a gentle flow and doesn't feel like stinging needles. The unit was easy to install and doesn't leak. Unfortunately there are some drawbacks. The unit claims to provide several water flows--rain, massage, aeration, and aerated massage. In actuality, the only setting that really works well is the rain setting. The massage and aeration settings deliver a weak flow even when the water is turned up full blast. The other drawback is the featured water saver switch which is supposed to allow the user to turn off the water to the unit. The switch is flimsy, difficult to use, and barely slows the water flow. I'm keeping this unit because I bought it for the handheld and the rain flow features. If that's what you want, you will like this showerhead. If you want a pulsing or massaging water flow it will disappoint you, and if you're looking to save water this may not be the showerhead for you. Design The massage and aeration settings don't work well. I can't tell much difference between the flow on rain setting and the flow on massage setting. The water saver switch is useless, as well as being too difficult for a person with limited hand strength to operate. If I had to purchase another unit I'd spend more money and make sure I read multiple reviews before I brought one home. Durability So far we have no leaks, no hose kinks, no clogged shower head. It has performed better than other units I have had in the past.

Loyall, KY


EcoSpa Power Rain Hand Shower

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