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Eclipse Tread Climber

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Let's DO this thing!


Like anyone else, I dread going to the gym. I make up excuses. I mope round the house looking for something to do. I mysteriously remember a project that's due in four months that I might want to get an early start on. But, like anyone else, I eventually end up going. The only thing I really do at the gym is cardio. I lift weights and do yoga at home, but when I go to the gym, it's for the elliptical trainers. The tread climber is great for a light workout, or a full-throttle "HELLYEAH" workout. I do both, depending on how stressed out I am when I get there. But this trainer definitely burns up the calories. Get on, get going, and by the time you get off, you feel like a million bucks. This trainer delivers the burn. You can choose between lots of different settings and levels, so just get on and roll. It's good for any kind of cardio workout, whether you like it fast or slow, hard and heavy or just a stroll through the park. Set the resistance, get on, and rock the gym. You can get as many calories off as you want in fifteen minutes, so go crazy. It's worth it. Trust me.


Kalamazoo, MI


Eclipse Tread Climber

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