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Eckrich Reduced Fat Hard Salami

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Oh man, what is better than a salami sandwich? Trick question, there is nothing better! Just some buttered bread, some cheese and salami... can't beat it. With all the super-processed meats out there that look like plastic (to me at least), it's nice to see some meat that actually looks like meat! I know it may be made from the "leftover" parts of animals, but it is still absolutely delicious! And spicy, as well. There are no downsides to salami, except the large amount of fat it contains. But, just go for the low-fat option and you're all good! The Germans really know how to do it, breakfast is a hard roll, butter, and sausage or salami. You've got your protein so you're all ready for the day. Mmmm, this is making me hungry, better go make a sandwich. Try it for yourself! You won't be disappointed.

Springdale, MT


Life is not without its disappointments!


Into each life a little rain must fall and alas, trying this product was an experience which landed with a thud.  I had high hopes for *Eckrich Reduced Fat Hard Salami* and was disappointed.  This is not to say that this doesn't taste right.  Unlike *[Kraft Fat Free American Cheese][1] *, I can imagine someone eating this with gusto.  Personal tastes sometimes vary in food and another eager eater might enjoy this very much ... **but I didn't**. **STATS:** I bought this *Eckrich Reduced Fat Hard Salami* from a Deli department and there is no indication of exactly what constitutes a serving.  I purchased the meat thin-cut so let's say that a single serving would amount to four thin slices ... enough for a nice sandwich.  A serving contains 80 calories with 45 calories from fat.  There are five grams total fat, two grams saturated fat, 25 mg. cholesterol, 390 mg. sodium, one gram total carbs, zero each dietary fiber and sugars, seven grams protein, and 2% Iron.  That you could do worse in some ways is not an issue -- I'm not even going to research the stats for regular *Eckrich Hard Salami* because I know that ... if taken in excess ... it is probably a fat disaster waiting to happen.  On the other hand, it is **SALAMI** and, as far as I'm concerned, therefore deserves a certain respect even if we have to use moderation and good judgment when we eat it. **WARNING:** Because this meat is often purchased sliced in Deli departments and presented to the customer without printed nutritional information, I thought I should mention that -- if you are allergic to dairy stuff or lactose intolerant -- you should know that there is **milk **in this product. **TASTE TIP:** I can't truthfully say that this is a *bad *product but alas, a thumb pointing down is looming large in my future at this moment.  There are so many other delightful options out there for controlling our fat consumption that my recommendation is to focus on those and stick to the real thing for those special salami occasions.  In this case, I feel it would be better to do without something than to compromise.     [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Kraft-Fat-Free-American-Singles-Cheese-review-a4a24

Oak Park, IL


Eckrich Reduced Fat Hard Salami

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