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Muffin Pans
Ecko 12-Cup Muffin Pan

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Will not buy again


I am not sure how safe the coating is if you eat it which could happen if not noticed

Ingersoll Ontario


Rusting and Warping and Sticking, OH MY!


In our journey to build our kitchen ware into a good solid high performance collection, I did what so many people do and tried to get by with a cheap purchase of Ekco muffin pans, a decision we lived to regret. We tried to avoid aluminum pans so these being a tin coated steel which was supposed to be warp resistant and rust resistant seemed to be a great investment. We were wrong. We ended up retiring this pan to a bead sorter when my daughter was little then throwing it out as it continued to rust over time. Performance The taste of muffins baked in this pan was very metallic. The outside of the muffins was not that crisp and the tinny taste was rather- a turn off, I guess you could say. The pans also warped a bit over time, which was another frustration. Ease of Cleaning Baked on matter was hard to clean, and scrubbing too much would lead to removal of the tin coating. Most of the time if greased well, these were okay to clean though. Burned on batter was a problem at times though. Durability Talk about lousy! Not only did these turn colors over time, they rusted. We were careful to store them in a dry warm place and to keep them from soaking at all ever, and they still rusted. Design The design was okay- but the metal construction left a lot to be desired. Doesn't Stick If greased well, sticking was reduced greatly, but occasionally very sticky muffins would cause some sticking problems.

Podunk, NY


My Ecko Muffin Pan thinks rust adds flavor!


I usually buy high-end bakeware. I have found over the years that it pays in the long run to purchase quality pans that will hold up with use. I don't know what possessed me to purchase the Ekco 12-Cup Muffin Pan but, it went against reason. After using the muffin pan, cleaning it and storing it for a few months I pulled it out to use again. I couldn't believe the rust spots on the pan- after one use, no less. I put liners in the muffin wells, made new muffins and stored it away once more. I just pulled it out and discovered more rust- kind of like a Chevy Vega from the 70s. [They say it is the only car that rusted in the showroom! LOL] While the pans are not expensive, they do cost more than disposable pans. I won't be buying them again. Durability The pan looked nice in the store. The labeling said: * Made of durable Electrolytic Tin Plated steel which resists warping. * Made of durable Electrolytic Tin Plated steel which provides rust resistance. * Made of durable Electrolytic Tin Plated steel which provides even heating. * Dishwasher safe. * Unlimited warranty. It sounded good, but, this is what I learned: *Resists warping doesn't mean it doesn't warp. *Resists rust doesn't mean it doesn't rust. * Warranties don't mean much if you didn't keep the receipt.

Northern, FL


Ecko 12-Cup Muffin Pan

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