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Echo Gas, Blower/Vac, 140 MPH, 305 CFM, Blower, ES-210

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Powerfull but heavy


This leaf blower is a powerfull but heavy machine. It's not only a blower it could be converted to a shred and vac but the conversion takes some time to convert it since it needs a screwdriver. The big vac bag is very convenient. The 21.2 cc Power Boost Vortex engine is very powerfull and generates up to 140MPH wind stream that blows even wet leaves. This blower is kinda like heavy and makes tired after several minutes of use, inconvenient unless you are planning on using it to build muscle :). One of the greatest advantages of this blower is the ease of start, it often starts from the first or second pull. Be careful if you want to use it as a vac shredder since it could sometimes clog if you pick up a huge bunch of leaves at once and would require some cleaning. But if you get used to using it properly it vacs and shreds very well .I mainly use it as a blower. Emptying the bag is very easy with the zipper conveniency. It comes with 5 years warranty and is very sturdy. I wish I could choose 3.5 stars instead of either 3 or 4.

Toledo, OH


Echo Gas, Blower/Vac, 140 MPH, 305 CFM, Blower, ES-210

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