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Easy-Off Heat Activated Microwave Wipes

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Not too bad


I saw the Easy-Off Heat Activated Microwave wipes in the store one day and decided to give them a try. Our microwave is always a mess because apparently I am the only one who knows how to cover food when I microwave it. Normally I just use clorox wipes to wipe down the microwave. If something is really nasty in there, then I will heat up a small bowl of water in it first, and then while everything is still hot in there I wipe it down. These wipes kinda do the same thing. The wipe comes in a little pouch that you put into the microwave and heat up. The heat then opens the pouch which releases a cleaner to help loosen up the nastiness in your microwave. You then take the wipes and wipe eveything down. However, I didn't find that these did any better of a job then heating some water in a bowl and then wiping down with a clorox wipe. You will still need to scrub really stuck on stuff, no getting around that. I don't think these are bad, but I think you could save your money and just heat some water to get the same effect.

Stevensville, MI


Very convenient and easy to use and much better than a sponge!


These are so helpful and really get all the grime and buildup off the microwave. I'm so thankful I've found these!! They work great and really loosen grime buildup but you may still need to scrub a few spots. They are individually wrapped for convenience and the smell is not too strong. I think microwaves are the dirtiest part of a kitchen since the door is usually closed and most people often forget to clean inside! Performance They are not an excellent cleaning material, but they definitely make a difference!! You may still need to scrub a few areas left in the microwave but overall, these work like a charm!! Especially if you keep up with cleaning your microwave and do not allow it to get real dirty and things to harden and stain real bad!!! Scent It's a citrus smell and it's not really strong or potent. It's light and refreshing really and to be mixed with food smells, it works great.



Don't waste your money on the Easy-Off Microwave wipes


No one in my house covers up their food when microwaving it, so the inside is always a mess, mostly with spaghetti sauce. I usually just use Formula 409 with a scrubby sponge to clean it. It works well, but the commercial for the Easy-Off Heat Activated Microwave Wipes promised a lot less elbow grease so I tried them out. The wipes are a pouch with a special towlette inside. You heat the pouch for 1 minute in the microwave. The pouch "pops" open supposedly releasing a mist of special cleaners that soften and loosen baked-on food residue. You let the mist stand in there for three minutes to do its work, then remove the towlette from the popped open pouch and just wipe the softened residue off. Supposedly... These wipes did *absolutely* nothing. I still had to break out the 409 and the scrubby and did the same amount of work. I had high hopes because this is an Easy-Off product. I use the regular aerosol oven cleaner in my conventional oven and it is an excellent product and works exactly as advertised. This is just a gimmicky product though. It doesn't work any better than the method you are using now. Don't waste your money.

Ames, IA


Easy-Off Heat Activated Microwave Wipes

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