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EasiYo Yogurt Maker

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not overly impressed


I bought this thinking it would save us a lot of money. My daughter is lactose intolerant, but can eat yogurt just fine. needless to say we go through a lot of yogurt. I had a friend tell me about this machine and how it was wonderful. Said her family used it all the time. I went out and bought it and I really wish I hadnt. It now sits in a box, waiting for me to get rid of it. I couldnt tell a difference between the yogurt that was homemade and the one that was storebought, but my daughter could. I tried everything i could to trick her, but it wouldnt work. every time she could tell and every time she refused to eat it. i found it hard to clean and it took up a ton of space. Learned my lesson.

Boise, ID


Low-tech coolness


Easy Yois such a cool item. I don't know if it should be called an appliance, as it's more of a kit. Basically, Easy Yo is a yogurt-making system that's made up of a thermal container, which holds one large or several small plastic jars. Making yogurt is incredibly easy: fill the thermal container with boiling water, slide in the sealed jar holding the yogurt powder and water, seal tightly and leave alone for 8 hours. That's it. Seriously. You can get yogurt powder in a variety of flavors, and even fat-free yogurt powder. Myself, I like making the plain, Greek yogurt and using it to make yogurt cheese, with fresh herbs and garlic. A great substitute for cream cheese. Easy to use and easier to clean....there are no "cons" about this product.

San Francisco, CA




i liked this product as it makes youghurt making very simple.try it once. it doesn consume a lot of power and gets the job done easily. Very efficiently also. easy to oredr,just visit their website. try one again to get a better feel and then use it or not up to you. friendly on the pocket.

Baltimore, MD


Yogurt away


I think that this yogurt maker is a waste of time for me but for some other people that might eat yogurt on a daily basis it is probaly very handy but for me its a waste of time and a waste of money i hope no one ever buys me one

Hastings, MN


The easiest yogurt experience ever!


I used this to make some yogurt last summer, and I thought it was the easiest time I have ever had making yogurt. It was simple and efficient, and the instructions were clear. I would recommend this to any new yogurt makers!

Seattle, WA


A great product, easy to use and makes great yogurt


This product was easy to use and makes great yogurt.  It has become one of the most used appliances in our house.  The machine looks stylish and is easily cleaned.  Quiet operation is another positive feature.  

Beverly Hills, CA


great quality for an affordable price!


i love this machine because iam personally a neat freak and it was so easy i actually didn't have almost anything to clean up for.it works splendid! definrtly recommend this product for its good quality.

San Bernardino, CA


EasiYo Yogurt Maker

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