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Breakfast Food, Natural & Organic
Earth's Best
Earth's Best Organic Blueberry Mini Waffles

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Yummy waffles that actually taste good.


Toaster waffles have been a popular breakfast and snack food since I was a little kid, thank goodness there's finally a more natural one that actually tastes good. These are the best toaster waffles that I have ever tasted, and the little ones like them too. Organic is all the rage these days, but I often run into the problem of organic foods either being way too expensive or taste nasty. But the Earths Best organic mini blueberry waffles taste great and they aren't that expensive. The little ones that I fed them to liked them so much that they declined syrup. Which is a huge accomplishment. Quality of Ingredients I feel so much better about the ingredients that are in threse blueberry waffles than any other brand that is on the market. They actually taste pretty good for toaster waffles, and e blueberries taste like blueberries. I have been known to eat them myself. Safety Great for older babies and up. Haven't had any concerns with safety when feeding these.



Earth's Best Organic Blueberry Mini Waffles

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