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Earth's Best
Earth's Best 2nd Vegetables Winter Squash

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Pure, Natural and Organic Winter Squash!


I buy the majority of my son's baby food from Earth's Best Baby Food for my son because it is organic, all natural and is not watered down like some other brands.  The **Earth's** **Best** **Winter** **Squash** **Baby Food** is no exception.  It is a very simple, healthy and organic baby food.  The ingredients are simply: organic winter squash and water (for processing).  The Winter Squash is wheat-free so it is suitable for little ones with a gluten allergy. **Features** - No Genetically Engineered Ingredients - No Artificial Colors or Flavors - No Preservatives - No Added Salt or Sugar - Wheat Free Unlike some other baby food brands that actually add salt and sugar to their baby food, Earth's Best jarred baby food is always free of added salt and sugar.  It is also free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.  I love Earth's Best Baby Food for my son, and he likes his **Earth's Best Winter Squash Baby Food **too!

Camp Lejeune, NC


Earth's Best 2nd Vegetables Winter Squash

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