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Dry Dog Food
Earthborn Holistic
Earthborn Holistic Adult Vantage Natural Dog Food

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Great food that helped with several issues


I tried this brand because my dogs had really itchy skin. They were always chewing on their feet until they would bleed. One of my dogs had a really sensitive stomach and this food has helped a lot with that...he doesn't get sick after he eats anymore. Also, they both lost weight, about 5 to 10 pounds each. Their coats became more healthy and shiny. Quality of Ingredients This food has no fillers... corn, animal by products (whatever those may be), wheat and a list of other ingredients that can cause the problems that I mentioned above. Flavor Selection I don't know about the flavor. Although, I did buy another high quality food before buying this one and they wouldn't eat it. I left it down, thinking that they would eat it when they got hungry enough...2 days. I bought Vantage and they ate it right away.



Holistic Food for your Beloved Pooch


My dog is almost 15 years old and in pretty good shape. However, for the past year, she has been experiencing symptoms of kidney failure and has been on medication for it. While my vet did not recommend any specific dog food, I have been trying to be more aware of the ingredients that are in her dry food. I happened upon the Earthborn Holistic Adult Vantage Dry Dog Food when I was browsing in a specialty pet store at the mall. After speaking with a knowledgeable employee, I was referred to the above brand. There are so many good things about this product which include: The product is made in the USA, which relieves the worry about products made overseas (i.e. the dog food from China that resulted in several deaths of beloved pets). Beta-Carotene and fruits and vegetables help support a healthy immune system, which is of major concern for my pet. Quality protein such as chicken meal and whitefish meal help to build and maintain lean muscle mass. The grains in this product (oatmeal, barley, rice, and rye) are easily digested and the natural fiber helps to maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Balanced Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat. My dog poops less when she eats this product - yay! I'm very happy with this dry dog food and will definitely purchase it again. My dog likes the taste of it and I like all of the benefits that come with feeding her something that is holistic and healthy.



Earthborn Holistic Adult Vantage Natural Dog Food

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