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Earth to skin
Earth to skin Heel Tastic

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Amazing - this stuff really DID work


I have been suffering with very dry, rough, crack heels.  The balls of my feet are dry and cracked. Recently, the callouses on my big toe that have gotten so painful and skin appears as if a razor has cut into it.   Bi-monthly pedicures don't really do much.  My manicurist recommended Vasoline and Vitamin E Oil along with socks at bedtime.  I tried this for a month but it helped very little. I then found Heel-tastic by Earth to Skin.  This product is amazing.  Within three days of using it, my feet really began to improve.   I soaked my feet in epsom salts and used a pumice stone.  The difference was simply incredible.  I continued using the product twice daily for another week.  Along with using the pumice stone every other day during my shower, I have found Heel-tastic to greatly improve my dry, rough, cracked feet.  The razor cut is gone, the heels are smooth and and soft.    Even my manicurist noticed the difference.  She is now recommending this product to all her customers. The product is a hard stick form.  When applied to the kin, it emulsifies.  It is greasy, so you will need to wear a sock or slipper on the foot. The odor is neutral. The package claims the product can also be used on dry, rough elbows.   I suggest using a separate one for feet. After trying other products on the market for dry, rough feet and having no success, I didn't actually expect to get such FABULOUS results.  I am absolutely recommending this to everyone.  

Thousand Oaks, CA


The relief for cracked heels you've been searching for


I've had very dry heels for the past 2 years. My heels were getting so dry that they were cracking open and bleeding. For me, finding a solution was not just aesthetic, it was necessary if I was going to walk without pain.  After trying literally everything I could get my hands on, I stumbled on heeltastic. After the first use I could see that this was going to be different.  For starters, it is not a pourable lotion, but a stick that is rubbed over the area. The rich oils of this product seem to sink deeply into the damaged and tough skin like nothing else I've ever used.  As a bonus, the product has a very pleasing smell. I do recommend using this product and then putting on cotton socks, so that it sinks into your heels rather than smearing on your shoes, carpet, bedclothes, etc. If you are convinced that nothing can help your dry, cracked heels, give this product a try and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. 

Statesville, NC




I bought  Heel Tastic because I have had cracks in my feet forever. I was constantly in pain. I tried everything, it seems. I was in the drug store and I saw it and I thought I wonder if it works? Well I took it  home and rubbed it on the bottoms of my feet. After a few days-Awesome! No More pain, and the cracks are dissapearing. Great Product! 

El Cajon, CA


Earth to skin Heel Tastic

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