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Earth Friendly Products
Earth Friendly Products Ecos Liquid Laundry Detergent, Lavender

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Most amazing product


I am so glad I came across this after my neighbor recommended it to me. My kids have incredibly sensitive skin and this does wonders for our family. I can't say enough how impressed and in love with ECOS I am.



Smells like lavender


Very happy to find this. Smells just like lavender, which is from essential oils rather than a man made fragrance. A Plus. There is suds, unlike my homemade detergent. Another plus. I can't comment on the cleaning power of heavily soiled but I am happy with it for lightly soiled laundry. It is not made up of numerous chemicals and that is a big plus. I also put some in my empty spot remover, spray bottle and use it to spray on stains. I will buy again and again.

Somerset, KY


Does Not Actually Work On Dirt!


I always try to be as green as possible but it's tough to find a truly effective Earth friendly laundry detergent and, sadly, Ecos Liquid Laundry Detergent in Lavender is another ineffective one. When I wash laundry I want to be able to just wash my laundry and not have to spend forever soaking, pretreating, and everything else. This, unfortunately, is not an option when you use this brand. It just plain does not work for heavy duty cleaning. If you have any sort of clothes soiled with dirt, sweat, chocolate, tomato sauce, or anything else then this simply does not get it out. At best it needs a second wash, and at worst you're left with a permanent stain. What regular detergents can get out in a single wash this formula just can't. This is, however, fine for light duty cleaning for anything that hasn't been truly soiled. The scent is actually okay but does have a rather synthetic undercurrent to it, rather than a fresh scent as one would usually associate with lavender. Overall, if you only have light duty washing to do then this is a good alternative, but don't expect it to get any sort of dirt or anything else out of your laundry.

Vernon Rockville, CT


NON-effective detergent with a terrible scent!


This product is terrible! Doesn't remove any stains, has a terrible scent. It seems to work ok the first time you use it- but the l,nger you use it- the less effective it is. Don't waste your money. Terrible customer service also.



love ECOS laundry detergent


I have been using ECOS lavender laundry detergent for two years now.  The size of the bottle lasts a long time so I don't have to keep running out to buy more.   I have used it in a laundry room used by many renters.  I was worried because of how gentle it would be without all of the usual harmful ingredients, in a less than clean machine.  It worked great.  Our clothes smell great and I know they are being cleaned with wholesome stuff.   We know have our own W/D.  And the detergent I use is for HE loads, but I do not have an HE washer, but it still works great.  I wont switch even though I can find cheaper deals out there, I love using ECOS.

Jacksonville, FL


Earth Friendly Products Ecos Liquid Laundry Detergent, Lavender

3.8 5