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Earth Friendly Products
Earth Friendly Products EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher

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We recently gave away EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher by Earth Friendly Products for Monday Funday and now we want to know what you think about them! Share your EcoBreeze reviews with us and tell us your thoughts. Performance The spray did a great job of freshening up the fabric furniture in my house. Scent EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher had a nice, fresh citrusy scent.

Chicago, IL


Love this fabric refresher


I really like using this product. I have cats, and I love how this spray gives a nice, clean scent without overpowering fumes. I also love that I am not spraying dangerous chemials into the air for us all to breathe.

Hershey, PA


Eco Breeze reminds me of a hospital


I got to try the Eco Breeze fabric refresher in Lavender Mist scent by Earth Friendly Products recently. My opinion is sort of torn on this product. I like the fact that it is "an earth friendly alternative to other fabric refresher" as the bottle states. On the other hand, I wasn't that impressed with the overall scent. It did not smell like lavender mint, but more like whatever disinfectant they use in the hospital. It's not absolutely horrible, but not soothing either. I don't mind using this bottle, but look forward to a differnet scent it the future. Also, it seemed the scent didn't really last all that long. It did seem to work well at eliminating other odors, though, and that's good enough for me. Also, I love the clear bottle, so you don't have to guestimate how much you have left. A visit to their website reveals that it is about the same price as other fabric refreshers, so I would not have a problem with pirchasing this again, but the other scents, Citrus and Lemongrass, leave me a bit hesitant again. I prefer a soothing or fruity scent.

Bel Air, MD


EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher was just "OK" to me


I received a free sample of EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher as a Funday Monday giveaway. Thanks Viewpoints! Unfortunately, EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher didn't do it for me. First of all, the "lavender/mint" fragrance was kind of strange smelling. Lavender and mint are two scents that I would never think of combining. It smells kind of like a combination of cleaning product and medicine! As for refreshing fabrics, I've used a lot better. It does have a light, fresh-smelling scent and it does make fabrics smell better. I sprayed some in my clothes closet and can tell my clothes smell fresher. I would recommend EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher if you like eco-friendly products, however, I can't in good conscious recommend it in the lavender/mint scent. Performance EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher works ok. Scent The lavender/mint fragrance did nothing for me. It smelled sort of like medicine!

Americus, GA


Better than Febreze


Earth Friendly Products EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher works and smells wonderfully! If you think that since this product is eco-friendly it won't work as well as other products, you are wrong. EcoBreeze works just as well as Frebreze, it just has helps the environment. I received the product to test after winning the Viewpoints Monday Funday giveaway and got the Lavender Mint scent. I was a bit skeptical at first with the scent (not my favorite 2 scents) but after spraying some fabrics and couches I was pleasantly surprised by the smell--it was light and refreshing and not overpowering. The smell also lasts for a little while and doesn't just dissappear after you spray. I am very glad I got this product and I will look for it in the stores! Scent Smells wonderful!

Mesa, AZ


Like That It's Eco Friendly


I like that this product is eco friendly. It doesn't make me cough like some fabric refreshers do, and with having asthma/allergies that's good. I tried the Lavender Mint Scent. I love lavender, and like mint, but the two together, it doesn't smell quite the way I would like it to. Some things I think you need to smell, in person, to know if you will like the scent or not. It is effective as a fabric refresher tho.

Baltimore, MD


Earth Friendly Products EcoBreeze Fabric Refresher

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