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Metal Polish
Eagle One
Eagle One Never Dull Wadding Polish for Metals

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One product, so many uses!


Eagle one Nevr-dull is truely the one product for all sorts of cleaning needs. I have used it on brass beds, silver flatware, precious metal jewelry, brass paper stands. It is great for cleaning the bottom of pots and pans that are made out of copper. I even use it on jewelry projects that I make as a final buff to make the metal shine. The most inventive use it to get road tar off of your car! No more little black spots on the fenders and bumpers. Just take a piece of the wadding, rub gently until the tar starts to dissolve. Rinse with soap and water and the tar is gone! The wadding is pretreated, gentle on metal surfaces because there are no abrasives. The odor is a bit strong, so use in a well ventalated area.

Salem, VA


Now that's a shiny buckle


For those of you who like the shiny things, this is a great product.  Never Dull cleans and polishes all types of metals like brass, copper, silver, gold, pewter, steel, aluminum chromium and even marine hardware.  It instantly removes rust and corrosion and rust and tarnish from autos and motorcycle chrome.  It leaves no leftover deposits and is great for metal wheels, steel sinks, belt buckles and silverware (wash well before using to eat). Never Dull is a wadding polish so you don't have to mess with oil or cream stuff.  To use, tear off a small piece of wadding and rub surface of dirty item until all of the dirt is gone.  Buff finish with a soft cloth and you have one shiny object. For those military type who are used to the spic and span polish, you will not be super happy with this product.  It is not as strong and doesn't clean as well as the government supply stuff. Caution: Be careful on how much you shin wheels and other devices on the road, you don't want to blind other drivers. :)

Downieville, CA


Eagle One Never Dull Wadding Polish for Metals

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