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EZY Dose
EZY Dose Medicine Dropper and Spoon

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Cool Weather and Children = needing EZY Dose


Luckily my boys are both pretty healthy and we haven't had to dispense much medicine around here this cold and flu fall.  I'm not a big fan on of using medications unless necessary.  When fever strikes in the middle of the night though, we've come to rely on our EZY Dose Medicine Spoon and Dropper (depending on the kid). The EZY Dose Medicine Spoon and Dropper are sold as a set but we have been fortunate to receive both from the Rite Aid Pharmacy.   We have several versions of medicine droppers and spoons around the house and many medicines come with measuring cups, but it always seems I go back to EZY Dose as a preferred measure.  **Measure Me Out** The set contains an infant medicine dropper and a medicine spoon for older children both made of sturdy plastic. The dropper is a 1 tsp pipette with a rubber bulb at the top.  This also features "arms" at the top to help ensure that it will not fall into the bottle of medicine.  The 2 tsp medicine spoon has a nice little "foot" on which the spoon rests to prevent spilling.  Each piece is measured in ¼ tsp increments.  The packaging states it is calibrated to be accurate.  As a note I should state that EZY Dose is widely used in pharmacies for medication dispensing. **Down the Hatch** In the times I've needed to use these two pieces (just tonight actually) I have found they work well for my needs.  The dropper comes in handy with the littlest as he isn't able to suck out of a spoon well yet and really dislikes taking medicine.  I can then shoot it right in his mouth, hoping to get some down the throat.  Being an open tube, the dropper also cleans up well, but the bulb is a pain to get back on.  As for the spoon, my son finds it easy to drink his medicine from it.  The difficulties I found with it were it's hard to fill when the mouth of the medicine bottle is wide and a little more difficult to clean.

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EZY Dose Medicine Dropper and Spoon

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