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EXER-HIDES Munchy Rawhide Sticks

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Good Size, Not So Good Flavor


My dog loves chew treats like pig ears and such and so I thought he'd enjoy these Munchy Rawhide Sticks since they're a good size for his little mouth. They were not a hit. These are a great size for my little Chihuahua since the sticks are quite short - about six inches long - and very thin. They're easy for him to chew and carry. Unfortunately, he is not interested in either chewing or carrying these. He has three or four floating around and once in a while he'll throw them around and nibble on them but he very quickly grows bored. He doesn't seem to really enjoy the taste and I think they're just too hard for him to enjoy chewing on. These are quite economical and you get quite a few in a package which is nice if your dog goes through them quite fast. These are a good size for very small to small dogs but medium to large dogs will likely find them much too small for them. Overall, these are an okay product, but just not truly enjoyable.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Very Handy to Have


Ever-Hides Munchy Raw Hide Sticks are a staple in our stash of pet treats. They offer some with flavor, and some that are plain raw hide. We have one dog on a very restricted diet, that can have only plain treats with no additives of any kind, so these have been very handy. Both her and my other dog love these "chewies". They would seem bland to me, but the dogs must love the texture, and the fun of chewing these up. It only takes a minute or so and they are gone. They are an ideal size; bigger raw hide "bones" are fully consumed by our dogs in a short time, and that is just too much at once. These sticks are the perfect size without having to take it away and save. If you want to reward your dog for something, these seem to be a good option. They don't solve bad breath or tartar problems, but obviously help, as all raw hide does. The price has unfortunately climbed through the years, I wish there were coupons for them.

Fairfield, VA


A quick snack for a small price


These are labelled as: Artificially chicken flavored Exer-Hides Munchy Rawhide Sticks.  First off, the little bag they came in is see through, so you can see these 16.4 oz of sticks are jam packed in there. There are a lot. A whopping fifty. All for about two bucks. I bought these at a Neighborhood Market (Wal Mart) close to my house.  The bag advertises that the Exer-Hides are a safe way to satisfy your dog's chewing needs, and they also help in reducing tartar build-up and preventing gum disease. I was a little wary of this label, seeing as how they do have an artificial flavor, but I haven't noticed any increase in bad breath or anything like that.  My dog loves these. She's very picky, if you've read any of my other reviews, and absolutely is in love with the flavor of chicken. These little sticks are great for when I need to give her a quick treat to cajole her into sitting still while I leash her, or when I need her to get into her bed and she's feeling hyper. They don't smell bad or leave stains on your carpet either. You can't really go wrong with these munchy sticks. They're just too good of a price. 

El Paso, TX


EXER-HIDES Munchy Rawhide Sticks

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