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EVO Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray

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Give Your Hair A Breezy, Beachy Look Without Leaving Your House!


**evo Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray** was a wonderful concept and I must give big kudos to **evo** for creating it because I have fallen in love with it! I normally wear my long hair very straight with the help of my Chi Flat Iron and some smoothing serum, but it gets boring wearing my hair the same all the time, so when I want to change it up a bit, and I'm going somewhere casual like a bon fire or a cookout, I spray some **evo Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray** in my hair and I get that "I've been at the beach all day" look. I'm a beach bum and so is my husband, so both of us very much like the wind blown, natural, 'beachy' look that this product provides for my hair. It makes my hair look carefree, a little sexy, and a lot sassy! The manufacturer's product description is: *"CONCEPT: a sea-esque mist designed to give you salty, beach-based texture and a matt finish. RESULTS: fresh from the beach malleability, salty texture and fullness with a soft matte finish."* It's a quick and easy way to create a happy and different look for a change. You just spray the product in your hair...don't forget the roots...and scrunch it a little, and that's it! This is an original product that I am so glad I discovered! It's especially handy when I'm running late and don't have time to straighten or curl my hair! 5 stars for a product that gives my hair that wind-blown, beachy look any time I want it!

Tiny Town, GA


EVO Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray

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