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ESPN Enforcer 7 ft. Air Hockey Table with Bonus Table Tennis Top


The ESPN air hockey table offers a super slick play surface, for high speed action, and an LED scorer. Full game sounds can be heard, from the hidden speakers, providing a real game environment. Multiple players can play at the same time creating lasting memories of fun.

The conversion table top quickly transforms a hockey game into table tennis. Fun for the entire family.

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ESPN Enforcer Scorer a Big Problem


The ESPN Enforcer Air Hockey Table is a great looking table with plenty of great graphics that make you want to play it. It is 7 ft. long, which is a good size for 2 or 4 players. The biggest problem with the table, is that the scorer rarely works (about 20% of the time), which makes the perceived value diminish. Even the blower motor hum could be overlooked if the scorer worked. Sadly, I would not recommend this table to anyone until this problem is resolved. The blower runs on AC. The scorer requires 4 AA batteries.



Perfect Game Room Piece


The ESPN Enforcer 7 foot Air Hockey Table with Bonus Table Tennis Top is basically the best game room entertainment piece ever. I have not regretted this purchase for a single day. The table is well-made and sturdy while maintaining a cool, sporty look that doesn't clash with our game room decor. We have already gotten so much use out of it for our own family, kids included as well as friends and people who come for various parties and church events. I had used a smaller air hockey table before, and it was simply too small to be any fun. You barely had room to even hit the puck to the other side. I have also attempted to construct a homemade ping pong table, and trust me, this one was well worth the money. I really love that you get two tables with this piece. The air hockey table plays smoothly for fun and competitive games. My kids stay entertained for hours! My husband and I have used it for date nights as well.



Score keeper is finicky and blower died


I picked up the ESPN Enforcer 7 ft. Air Hockey Table to replace my old air hockey table and it has been problematic in a short period time. Initially I really enjoyed this table but as time went on things started to fail on this machine. This table is very spacious and allows me to play the puck at different angles when attacking, but it also means I have more ground to cover. This machine has a low hum from the blower and the puck glides effortlessly across the table. The first couple of times I played on this table the score keep worked great, but as time went on it would periodically not register goals during a game. The only way I could get it back to keeping score was to reset the device, but even then sometimes it wouldn't work. After about a month of use the blower would roar loud for a couple of seconds then revert back to status quo. Eventually the blower died and I had to replace it, but luckily it was still under warranty. Since replacing the blower I haven't had any more problems with the fan. I wouldn't recommend the the ESPN Enforcer Air Hockey Table because it presents too many issues for a device in it's price range.

Westchester, IL


ESPN Enforcer 7 ft. Air Hockey Table with Bonus Table Tennis Top

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