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ESPN 60" Air Hockey Table


Arcade design, overhead scorer and fast action play make this table fun for the kids and entire family. Durable, sturdy, leg and cabinet design. Molded plastic corners add strength and styling to each corner. Easy and fun to play.

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Decent Air Hockey Table


For the price, I think this ESPN 60" Air Hockey Table is a pretty decent game table for at home. It's not as good as air hockey tables that you play in game rooms elsewhere, but it keeps my whole family entertained! The size of the table is perfect for my basement and easy to move around. The air flow is great, but a little weak on the outer edges of the table. The puck could be a little bit bigger. I know there are replacement pucks on websites like Amazon, but I am going to stick with the ones that came with the table for now. I absolutely love the electronic score keeper. Sometimes it will add extra points, which causes us to start the game over. But I can't expect perfection for the price I paid! The table was fairly easy to put together. The directions that came with the table were easy to follow. I recommend this air hockey table to anyone that wants more than a beginner's table, but doesn't want to spend a fortune.



Do not rush out to buy one of these!


My husband and kids have always enjoyed playing different games at arcades. A few years ago, we finally decided to purchase a game to use in our basement. We were debating between foosball, ping pong, or air hockey. I looked at several different brands of sports tables and ultimately we agreed that an air hockey table would be fun to have. I really did not do much research in terms of different brands on the market and I wish I would have spent more time reading reviews before making this purchase. Initially our ESPN Air Hockey game got a fair amount of use but the novelty quickly wore out and dust began to collect on this table. There are several things I do not like about this air hockey table. First and foremost, it takes up way too much room. It is also quite loud when operating and the pucks do not smoothly glide across the table which is extremely frustrating. I do not think the table is very sturdy and it really has not held up well. Kids can play pretty rough when it comes to sports equipment and the ESPN air hockey table has been unable to withstand the wear and tear. I think we have learned our lesson about purchasing sports tables. I think we would have been better off saving our quarters for a trip to the arcade!



This is a blast


Not only is this air hockey table a lot of fun,it is great exercise. I love to have friends over to compete with on this table. Everyone loves it. It has been great to have during half times,and I know Superbowl Sunday is going to be awesome at halftime because of this table. The kids really love it,and it is a great motivator to get them to do their homework,because they can not play air hockey until it is done. FUN FUN FUN!!!

Tallahassee, FL


ESPN 60" Air Hockey Table

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